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redacted, quoted post wasn't worth my time.
Very, very few headphones have been a "love at first listen" situation for me, it often takes days, if not weeks, for me to really get into their sound. Rule of thumb however, is that open cans don't usually have a lot of bass slam, which is what a lot of people go nuts for. The thing is, closed cans generally have crappy soundstage and imaging, so there's the trade off. There are exceptions, but they aren't as inexpensive as the HE-500s.
No, no, of course not! Okay, yeah, maybe... Cars abandoned and rusting away in Cuba, an artistic journey. Oh my... I have this near-uncontrollable urge to rescue the thing and lavish it with TLC. .
Only if it's towing a mint condition `67 Mini Cooper behind it.
Sexy! I wonder how they sound and who the OEM is?They're available on Amazon instant video and on DVD, I believe.
Ever have a complete "WTF" day? So I'm at home, playing the new Dragon Age (I took the day off) and the garage calls. "There's a COD (cash on delivery) here." "Okay... well, you can't just pay for it?" "It's for $24,000." So I drive down there, I don't want to because; my knees hurt, it's spitting snow, and it's -8C outside, but whatever. I get there and a big delivery truck is out back by the dock, the carrier is one we've often worked with. Turns out what's supposedly...
I have no idea, the SLR is still slowly creeping down, though I expect that will stop soon, it's an amazing car provided you can ignore or fix a few flaws. The SLS is going to be a classic, as the spiritual successor to the 300SL Gullwing, so even though there will be a short term depreciation, before long it will rebound and then climb. Last month I rode in a "regular" SLS at a C&C event and I was really impressed and decided, pretty much right then, that I wanted one. So...
Compliant in Europe is one thing, compliant in the US is another, they get touchy about that here. It does meet specs and is certified, so it's all okay. Now if we can meet on a price.
We're still a little off on a price and they haven't been able to tell me whether it's square with EPA standards, so I'm waiting to get some form of confirmation on that.
Well, they rebuilt the upper half of the engine and stuck a pair of turbos on to it, then added larger ceramic brakes, wider wheels and tires, and improved the aero. Their engine tune is pretty conservative actually, the updated powerplant should easily handle >800bhp. This car was a factory demo (one of 2) and been around the block for a while, cycled through any car show they could enter and likely used and abused by almost every auto journalist in the world (44k kms on...
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