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Rare in the US, a 66 Fiat 600. Neither of us got it though, reserve was too high.
I'm a bad person. I love it when a person I'm bidding against whips their head around, spots me bidding against them, and gives me the most hateful looks imaginable, their face turning purple. Extra points if it's a young hipster and they get so angry they actually tear up their bid number and storm out of the auction hall. That made my day, I'll actually bid beyond what I wanted to pay just to see what they'll do.
^^^ Good deal, that's a nice price. Well guys, if you wanted a great deal on an ugly Ferrari, you missed it.
That would be cool, wouldn't it? No, it's a `69 2+2. Oh, I forgot, we bought a `69 Hemi Roadrunner at the auction, too. meep meep I'm not a big muscle car guy, but those are a lot of fun to drive.
It's a more modest collection, I visited his home and the guy's house looked fairly average and his garage is kind of barn/shed-like, more blue collar (nothing wrong with that). A Miura was probably out of his reach. These aren't show cars, they're in good shape and he's kept them up, but he's owned them for a long time and also driven them quite a bit. Now he's wanting to retire and get his investment out of them, and he's concerned about them going to a good home where...
On cars, which are much more important, we got a pair of 930 Turbos today, and one isn't just a 930, it's heavily modified by Ruf and a CTR in all but name. 530 air-cooled ponies in a 2500lb car. So I ended up with a Ruf on this trip after all. Also I have a another deal brewing for a 60s/70s Lambo collection; a 400 GT, an Islero S, an Espada (eh), and an Urraco P300. Could be really great.
The DT1350s cost nearly twice as much (I know, but still), but much worse is they have a treble "hole" ~7kHz that's a little weird, it's like there's no audio information at all between 7 and 8kHz. Once I noticed it I couldn't avoid not hearing it anymore. I'll try the B&Os though, they look interesting.
None of those have THD numbers like this: I've not heard the Momentums, but their numbers made me shy away from them: As I said previously, the Solo 2s are still a bit bassy for me, but at least it's very clean bass.
That's completely unfair. They're $150 headphones, they sound great for the price and are quite comfortable. I don't know of any other portable on-ears that are this clear, while being this aesthetically appealing, for the money.
Got some info on cars in a little bit, but first... Been listening to a pair of Beats Solo 2s all week (out of both my AK120II and phone) while out and around, and well, I like `em. Quite a lot, actually. They have a 100% "billybob sound signature". Meaning they're more bassy than I generally prefer, but it's very clean bass (with great slam), the mids are clear (a touch warm), and the highs, though a little recessed (-2-3dB above 5kHz) are still decent. Most surprising...
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