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I'm on the phone with another buyer and we're trying to get everyone to back out and not deal with them. Screw that broker.
Allegedly, they handed over Walker's cars to a broker so that their sale would be low-key and, "to keep the prices from getting over-inflated due to their connection with him". Sounds noble, right? HAH! What a scam. They're milking it for all its worth, essentially trying to drive the sales into a silent bidding war, playing the buyers against each other and manipulating people's emotions over his death. The only difference between this and selling them all through a...
I have no idea, that's just a stock photo. However, the car they're selling only has 11k original miles on it.
I guess we could have an "evil" petting zoo, otters often bite.
The same, with the red, white, and blue BMW livery. Also a Nissan Silvia S15, his crazy 1200hp Supra, a fox body Saleen 302SC, and a pair of BMW 2002 projects.
That's what everyone's saying, I just want it to be as private as possible. The older I get the more reclusive I'm becoming. Oh, I did find I can't build a landing strip that close to the Park. That blows. On another note, all of Paul Walker's collection of cars and car memorabilia is up for sale. Tons of Porsches and Mustangs, going by the list. I made an offer on a few, especially his M1.
It's only 15 minutes from where we live now, so that's not much of a getaway. They're drawing up the papers, we're going to buy it, but there's no rush at all to build anything. I'm going to take it slow and carefully think through how I want it all built, taking into consideration the environment there and our demands for space. I'm thinking all mirrored glass for the exterior of the structure and building into the hillside itself, making as much of it subterranean as...
I don't believe it's a case of an IA sounding "better" than a receiver, more like there's more crap that can break or go wrong on the latter. If I don't need or want a feature than I'd rather it not even be there at all, if you get what I'm saying.
The local fleamarket has a vintage hi-fi stall but the guy wants 2-3x CMV for his stuff and dickering with him is a waste of time.
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