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Yes! I owned a Yugo in college, for commutes, and it was really... awful. While it was very light (but flimsy) and it had great fuel economy, its weak 1.1L engine (that made 45hp) ruined any notion of fun. The (original) Mini is the platform if you want something tiny that's a lot of fun, our little turbo Austin Cooper makes about 280hp and it's just stupidly fun to drive.
I've had the 1600 Jr Zagato and the Montreal (which has been a real problem child) for a while, but the 4C is the first I've ever seen or driven that was new and it's been an experience. It's like an every day supercar, and while the turn radius is like a minivan, and you need Popeye forearms to turn the wheel at a stop, it's not as edgy and twitchy as its RMR Ferrari cousins. I think it may be the best bargain in sports cars right now, when you look at the tech and...
Technically they aren't selling yet, but I've not paid for it yet, either (I will be, it's freaking awesome).
An Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition.
The 4C is in the house, along with a Jaguar F-Type S (V6 not V8). Also Amazon is clearing out all their Warehouse used Yamaha RX-V*75 receivers, last year's models. We have one in the shop at work and it's really...
Good luck on the manual 599 hunt, they only made 42 of them, 7 went to the US, and 6 are now totalled. They're almost as rare as the F430 manuals (35 of those).
You have $100k to spend on a GT or sports car, what do you buy?
You'd be better served by a set of HE-400s, then.
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