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Of course it's an April fool, are you guys mental?! Some of my cars are like kids to me now.
I'm so disillusioned and bored with cars now, it's way too much hassle and expense than it's worth. I'm seriously thinking about selling them all off and giving the money to charity.
So much for their road cars, it was a good run while it lasted.
Lots of angryness... Here, look at this, maybe it'll make ya'll feel better. Yep, the Supra is officially back. I hear tell that the production car will be >95% like the prototype above.
It's my head mechanic's ex-wife, who lives next door, trying to make it seem like some type of community action group. Which is funny, since no one else in the area has ever complained. She has called the police several times however, though never said anything to us directly about the supposed "unbelievable noise". However, they told her that since we aren't in the city, and the county has no ordinance against loud noise during the day, she could go pound sand. I'm just...
For $700, that's about the best you can do in a balanced DAC. If my budget was that strict, I'd elect to not get the USB version.
Most of what I'm hearing is that, for the SL65, $12k /yr is about par for the course, if you daily drive one, which is what one of my mechanics was doing with that one. He's since bought his own used SL55 and is leaving it alone now.
Remember I was talking about the `05 SL65 AMG we bought for the price of a new Mustang? Well, looking at records, we've put >$8,000 into it in service and repairs (parts alone)... and it's been ~9 months, not counting having to replace the motor for the hardtop retraction system, right off the bat. The first thing to crap the bed was the intercooler pump, then closely followed by the main ECP module (we then went with a more robust programmable Renntech replacement) and a...
So the garage is being sued for excessive noise, but we're 1/4 mi from the city limits... in a county that has no noise ordinances. Really? Really?!
Yep. That's about right. I think these are easily $400 cans in their own right, and you can't just plug them into your phone or Clip+ and get their full benefit. Even a relatively cheap FiiO E18 or similar is enough (I have one and it's a fine little portable amp).Hey, another Knoxville Head-Fier, cool.
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