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I'd say you'd be missing out on a lot, even a $100 amp like the Objective2 would be more capable than the very cheap HP-outs on today's receivers and IAs.
No, I addressed that a few posts ago. It has too many negative effects; smears the mids into the upper bass.
Yeah, the small screen on the back that has "K7XX" stamped on it. Remove it and take out the small foam pad in there. You can put it back in if you don't like the change, it's an easily reversed mod. It opens them up a little, regardless of what amp you use, but I guess it could scale better with better gear.They're quite easy to drive, for your use case I'd probably recommend something even less expensive, like the O2. These are kind of a "warm" set of cans, a more...
Then you should watch the video, particularly @15:20. I've been talking specifically about the resonator mod, not the ones that simply add soft material and don't alter the hardware itself.
Oh yeah. The resonator mod voids the crap out of your warranty, if such a thing matters to you (some don't care). It's very unlikely the others (like the Anaxilus mod) would, since they don't physically alter the hardware itself.
Yes, that's the one. Take a pair of push pins, insert one into one side of the K7XX mesh "disk" on the very back of the headphone, and the other into the other side, then using those, turn the mesh itself counterclockwise a quarter turn. It'll pop right off. Then take out the foam pad and repeat the procedure in reverse to put the mesh back on.
I agree and believe your mod, and the Anaxilus mod, are pretty safe and can be easily reversed, but the resonator is a different kind of thing. With that mod you're actually removing factory material, and unless Sennheiser themselves are the ones to fully restore them, I'd never feel comfortable saying I'd perfectly reversed it. From its original, unaltered state, it's been compromised.
That's really about it, unless you want to remove the earpads and take out the little foam "donut" under them. I don't recommend it though, while it does slightly improve treble clarity and opens them up even more, it also can smear the mids and upper bass together.I like using these for gaming mostly, I just attach my Modmic and I'm set, they're some of the most accurate I've ever tried.Really? That's interesting. However, I've removed them from the 1st gen K7XX too....
I don't want to argue, but that's kind of absurd. In the typical vernacular, "Normal wear and tear" just means ordinary day-to-day use, and removing factory glue in the process of inserting a resonator into the driver housing is pretty much the definition of "compromising structural integrity".I don't think it's "playing it safe" at all, it's very possible the average Joe would botch the resonator mod. It's something that even I wouldn't take lightly, and I've modded quite...
I hear you, but again, that runs counter to what Tyll, whom I consider an expert in these matters, says:@15:20and it makes sense. When you mod these to such an extent (the SuperDupont Resonator fix), you're actually changing their structural integrity and they will not be as resistant to normal wear and tear (not to mention sweat saturating any cloth or felt used in the other mods). I don't believe he's saying they'll fall apart in a year, or even 3, but if say 20 years is...
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