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It is great bass, some of the best around, but like many reviews say, it isn't the "thumping" variety. Essentially, if the bass is in the material, the HE-500 will faithfully and naturally reproduce it, it's one of their best traits (and one carried on with the HE-560). In open orthos, the only one that comes close to that is the LCD-2, many would say at the expense of some clarity, but if I were the OP, I'd jump on the new closed variety of the EL-8s, or some Alpha Dogs...
I agree, I like the 12C (especially the spider) much more than the 650S (looks like an overdone track shoe), and I'm digging the open aero behind the doors, reminds me of the Merak. Word is it'll start at @$180k, fully decked out ~$200k, which is where the new RMR `vette will be.The Alfa 4C proved that you can make a turbocharged car sound sexy.
LaFerrari and the Ford GT are having a baby. Meet the next generation of the Ford GT.
Yeah, Sennheiser pricing has gotten very aggressive, they have to be pushing retailers to turn over inventory.
redacted, quoted post wasn't worth my time.
Very, very few headphones have been a "love at first listen" situation for me, it often takes days, if not weeks, for me to really get into their sound. Rule of thumb however, is that open cans don't usually have a lot of bass slam, which is what a lot of people go nuts for. The thing is, closed cans generally have crappy soundstage and imaging, so there's the trade off. There are exceptions, but they aren't as inexpensive as the HE-500s.
No, no, of course not! Okay, yeah, maybe... Cars abandoned and rusting away in Cuba, an artistic journey. Oh my... I have this near-uncontrollable urge to rescue the thing and lavish it with TLC. .
Only if it's towing a mint condition `67 Mini Cooper behind it.
Sexy! I wonder how they sound and who the OEM is?They're available on Amazon instant video and on DVD, I believe.
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