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Car salesman speak: "5 year restoration project" means "The seller ran out of money and let it sit, half done with a tarp over it, for a few years". Here we go, think it'll do 0-60 in 4 sec? Will it do 0-60 at all? I'll find out. For only $5700, I think it's a good buy. It's worth that much just for the hardwood.
Yeah, distance is everything, but from Cali, "white glove" service, in an enclosed trailer, it was $2200 /car. However, that can go up fast with cars that need special handling and extra travel insurance, which is any car >200k. That's case-by-case and runs 3-5k, or more. From Fla, it's ~ 1/2 that.
Nabbed a `58 Triumph TR3A, only $12,500. That will be a cool little resto project.
Yeah, it is. XJ120 base and all-steel body. Look at the shifter linkage. Sexy.
That 365GTB/4 Daytona went for a good price yesterday, @525k. That's ~100k below CVM, and all the cars I got were at least 25% below. I'm absolutely going to need to pay more attention to AA's auctions from now on. On the docket today, another Amphicar!
Not too demanding, are ya? Mother of God...
Noo! I've already decided we're going to convert it to an actual Batmobile rear. It'll look great.
Yeah, I got the Healey the price was too good to pass up. Sure do, I have a `73 1600 Jr Ziggy. They're not too to locate.. Yeah... I got another Cooper S, don't judge me. At 10k it was a steal.
Batmobile, bought. haha For 38k, why not? The 4-spd Muncie on the floor cinched it. There's at least $80k in work resto-modding it, and yet another case of someone lavishing much more love (and money) on a car than it will ever be worth.
I was only playing around, Emma is my bid-clicker and she gets really excited (I have to keep the bid window minimized or she'd be clicking, and bidding, on everything). That was an excellent value on the A-H, so I had to bite on it, especially since it's already been modernized, which saves a lot of hassle. We can always paint it BRG later, if I want.She won the Devin too, I'm really excited about that. It's been on my list for a while but I haven't been able to find one...
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