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I rarely EQ my headphones, most people don't, and others don't want to shorten the life of such an expensive device. Buying new, just to then mod them (voiding the warranty), seems counter-intuitive.
What Tyll, and other reviewers, are saying is: If you already have an HD800, and you don't mind modding and using some EQ, getting the HD800S is entirely unnecessary. However, if you're buying the HD800 for the first time, and don't want to mod them (voiding the warranty) and prefer not to use EQ, the HD800S is a no-brainer. Some of the mods are tricky, you can easily damage the drivers, and you will shorten the life of the HD800 significantly, even if you are successful...
He recommended the 800S over the 800 w/ mods, too.
Tyll recommended the 800S over the 800, I'm not sure what you're saying there.
My HD800S is on the way, can't wait to compare it to my Anaxilus-mod HD800. Fight!
No talk about the LE Reds? I think they look quite spiffy. Here's a fly in the ointment, comparing these to my "plain" K7XXs, these are ~1 dB more forward in the mid-upper bass region. Might just be driver variances, but it's definitely there (doing A>B, same amp), even my wife can hear the difference. Also they seem to be slightly more open in soundstage. If I can get them back from her (red's her favorite color) I'll post some more observations. Oh, why are these...
Well, the S replaced the 800 on his Wall, so even with the mods he must feel the new model is worth it, he says as much in his review. I'm not sure I'd spend nearly $1000 for cans that have been recently one-upped by a new model. To each their own, though.
There's a very real difference in the magnets and diaphragms used in the 800S, compared to the 800, something that can't be fixed with modding (which adds its own problems by increasing distortion
but the HD800 isn't black (unless you got one through Colorware), and that alone accounts for 20% more betterer sound. Fact.
I'd go with that, I'd probably even pay $1450 w/ shipping, but my neurosis doesn't allow me to pay full MAP for audio gear, it's just the way I'm wired (and I worked in high-end audio sales in college, I know the mark-ups) I'm a cheapskate. Every time I look at it I'd get annoyed.
New Posts  All Forums: