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It's not the right fit for the HD800 or 1st gen T1, but that's due to the amp section, not the DAC. It drives them fine but they're both better served with higher impedance amps. The HD800S, OTOH, is excellent out of m9XX, they work very well together.
I'm glad so many love their HEKs, I like mine and they're quite nice with the right material, but as someone else said, this is the HD800S thread...
I'm truly confounded by comments that the m9XX's amp is somehow inferior and that it's "grossly overpriced". I can't help but think such hyperbole is someone's agenda, because neither is anywhere close to factual. With DSD capability and its remarkably clean, opamp-less amp design, this little device is amazing. Sure, it isn't a "big planar"-driving madman, but it's very capable of driving any dynamic cans (and efficient planars, like the LCD-X). I still think it's the...
Ordered mine, they look too sexy to pass up.
I have all 3, I don't agree. The 800S is universally more capable, especially with the right amp. (And the HEK is too veiled and "saturated" with certain material.)
I'm not sure I'd say there's as much bass as the LCD-3, but it's not off by much. The thing is, it's so much more precise and layered on the 800S, not to mention the incredible detail and near-flawless tone of the mids and highs. While I do agree that the old 800s have a broader/deeper soundstage, it's close enough that you don't miss the slight loss and it's only apparent when doing direct A>B comparisons. Essentially, Sennheiser has taken what was a very finicky (and...
I'm loving my 800S, they could be the best dynamic dynamic cans I've ever heard. Paired with my Balancing Act, they're a match made in audio Nirvana.
Early impressions. Wow. wow. wow. The HD800S + EC Balancing Act might be one of the best audio experiences I've ever had, right up there with SR-009 + BHSE, but for different reasons. The tonal balance and imagery are simply stunning, as close to perfect as headphones can get. The talk of distortion
Via email Schiit says their LIIST SS "tubes" will work with the Valhalla 1 & 2 (input set). That could be interesting.
Those are great, I grabbed several (they work well in A&K DAPs).
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