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I tried out a few different ones and these fit best:
I worked on them while watching 5 seasons of Breaking Bad with the Mrs. So that's ~60 hrs, give or take.
Elon Musk
Sub-$200 closed on-ear cans ranked (subjectively), without EQ, using a Fiio E18 hooked up to my work PC. I scored 1-100 (60% SQ, 30% comfort/ergonomics, 10% aesthetics): 1. Martin Logan Mikros 90 (modded) - 78 2. Beyer DT1350 & B&O H2 (tied) - 74 4. Beats Solo 2 - 69 That's unfair, because I've tinkered with my Mikros 90s a lot, but they do sound really, really good now. The Beats suffered here due to their excessive bass quantity, while it's good bass there's just...
Oh, and I could live in this guy's ebay store: Halp! Halp!! Get me out of there!!!*twitch* *twitch* They arrived, I posted about it a couple days back. Still forming my opinions, based on comparison with others in the class.That almost never happens in the collector car world, and it is due to pricing. The value differences between a pristine car and a high-quality...
The B&O cans arrived, going to give them a listen today.
I need another receiver/amp like I need a hole in my head, but I found a Pioneer A-27 integrated in Florida recently. It seemed to work fine but I had it shipped directly to my electronics guy for him to check out thoroughly. When I told him about it he became more excited than I was (which is saying a lot).
All the HD650s for sale are the newer versions, there haven't been any old ones in the channel in a long time.
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