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and we have crazy cosplay, my wife makes a perfect Harley Q.
So we're at the Dragoncon, woohoo! We drove down, which was fun because we've not done a road trip in a while. I took the DB9 convertible and it's a simply amazing GT car (terrible satnav notwithstanding), so smooth, quick, and comfortable, I could have driven it all day. Anyway, so we stop at a big Gas `N Go outside Atlanta, to top off the tank and get some drinks, when some strange guy walks up and looks over the car. Then he asks: "Is this a new Ford?" "No, it's an...
Got lost on his way back from the El DeBarge concert?
Yep, and it's the steal of the century, in terms of SQ for the money.
Modders, here you go, Fostex T20RP for $70.
nopeActually we're accused of being the comics police, but it's rare that we kind of band together to do this sort of thing, only when certain seminal issues are on the block. When I yoinked my 9.4 Amazing Fantasy 15 I had to run the gauntlet and talk with the big fish in the hobby, and that was only 1/15th what this comic went for. It just feels odd to be one of those fish, now.I'll make some car updates soon, it's just been nutty lately and I'm at Dragoncon this weekend,...
There was a lot of behind the scenes conversation going on and it didn't take long to figure out who the other people bidding were, since that's a pretty small community (comic lovers who will readily plop down >$3M for a single book). The person who won is relatively famous, deeply rooted in comic books, and is going to be loaning it out to a major museum, indefinitely. The rest of us were kinda like, "yeah, you're a good choice as owner, we won't work to block you",...
I was so right. Ha. I bid up to 2.5 but then dropped out. It's not that I don't want it, or that I think it isn't worth more (next time it sells it'll go for 2x more), but it really should be in a museum (and that's where it's going now).
Eh. I've been pretty busy, not much time for online stuff. I'm enjoying watching the Action #1 bidding. I think it's going to hit $3M+.
I can't say I'm liking those wheels, and the color doesn't do much for it, but I'll bet it drives as smooth as silk.
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