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I just got off the phone w/ the guys at Ferrari, I ordered a 488 GTS (spyder), and yes, you have to buy a GTB or GTS to get a an opportunity to buy a GTO. I think that's BS, but it's their ballgame and if you want the special edition cars (new and customized for you) you have to play it. Does that guarantee a GTO? Good question! No, no it doesn't. It is, presumably, going to be limited to 488 units and there simply won't be enough to go around. The way I understand it, the...
Yeah, this:is virtually useless (`cept for law, which is actually quite saturated right now), might as well be Women's Studies majors (a lot of them probably are). "Do you know how empowered I am?! Want fries with that?"
I was just trying to be cute, I guess it backfired. No, it was after my sister was born. We were okay until a 4th person was added.So the M3 situation came to a head, the guy came by the garage demanding his car and tried to get violent. Given my health I'm not especially tough, but my head mechanic can lift a 428 short block, so tossing a 160lb, 5'6" little dweeb out on the street (literally by his collar and belt), bouncing him off the pavement, was nothing. (I wish I...
I'd like to have my dad's old `69 Torino. He had one (baby poop green) with a 390 4V, pretty exotic for the time, and specially ordered with a posi rear-end. It was a cool car. I still can't believe he traded it for a Vega.
Yeah, Ford V8s aren't exactly very "musical", mostly just throaty and monotone. I think you could actually compose a symphony with Italian engine notes; 4s (soprano), 6s (mezzo), 8s (alto), 10s (tenor), and 12s (baritone).Unfortunately, in my experience, it drives like a truck (like the early S1 E-types).
Yeah, I wouldn't go with just an energizer for the 009s unless you have firm plans to upgrade to a good stat amp in the future. You're not going to get the most out of them, not even close, as they're pretty finicky about that.
The Woo GES is a good, probably the best price for a capable amp, and it's readily available. I think the EC Electra is better (as is the BHSE), but they're a good deal more $ too.
I love ebay description for that one, it's hilarious!
Oh, I've neglected to mention how much fun my guys are having getting that group of classic Lambos I bought back into shape. Parts? What parts? There aren't any available for those damned things. In a lot of ways, in the vintage parts channel, it's like those models never even existed. It's bats*** crazy.
I guess "cheap" is relative, I just don't like wasting money. I guess that's a more accurate way of saying it. That aside, $2800 for the SR-009 is the deal of the year, in terms of pure sound quality in head-fi.
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