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Me too, veal is delicious. Oh yeah, the Triggering was real. She almost broke into tears, right on the spot.
One idiot yelled at me for my leather upholstery in my car, I literally gave her the finger and told her to suck on a quarter-pounder w/ cheese. Her look --->
The Sine is their best selling product and one of the best, if not THE best, closed on-ears ever made. Yeah, way to "tarnish" that image, Audeze. If you have an issue with the EL-8, there's a different thread for those, but the Sines are in no way a "disappointment".
The FiiO E18 works great with Android 4, 5, and 6. Apparently it can be done.
If I give the Sines a 10 for on-ear, sealed headphones (they're the best I've yet heard), I'd give the P7s an 8.5. They're not quite on the same level in terms of clarity and smoothness.
It's a very good match with the HD800S, and frankly I wouldn't go to anything more exotic/expensive unless you want to run a full balanced setup.
Sennheiser HD518 - $50 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826106514
Good cheap beater cans: http://flash.newegg.com/product/9SIA38N1068566 Velodyne vLeve On-Ear Headphones with Inline Mic and 3-Button Remote - $18 w/ FS
I have both, the S1 is now at work (part of my all-black Schiit stack, which has been a PITA to find, let me tell ya) and the S2 here at home, and the 1st Mjolnir sounds nearly identical to the 2nd w/ LISST "tubes", if perhaps just a touch less edgy. With stock tubes the Mj2 is noticeably warmer and more mid-forward. For $400, what I paid for my black S1, they're a screaming, insane deal.
Rocking a black Mjolnir @work, attached to my HE-6s. Yes, the decal is removable.
New Posts  All Forums: