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I'll catch up on the thread shortly (this is the first day in 3 weeks that I haven't been running a fever and vomiting every hour, no I'm not joking). In the mean time... Look at it. Just look at it... I'm not a huge fan of Aston V8s, but I'm making an exception here.
Not forgotten the thread, nor you guys, just been on a bad roll the last month, health issues mostly. We're working on getting it all hammered out and I have a new specialist coming in late this week from the UK to help, so I'll keep you informed.
Our rule of thumb: Anything >20 years old, wait until the temp gauge needle starts to move before driving, watch the gauges and absolutely do not flog it until all fluids are up to temp (esp gearbox!). I'm proud of my shop guys, they've not seriously damaged anything yet. (I have, but you know, it's my stuff, so...) Newer exotic cars wait 30 seconds, don't flog it until fluids are up to temp (doesn't take long). Modern non-exotics just wait 30 seconds, it's (pretty)...
Lambos aren't limited, though, not even the Superveloce or Superleggera variants. They'll build as many of any model as they can sell. It's more like making sure a person is serious about their commitment to being a limited edition Ferrari owner (while padding their pockets at the same time). But I guess there are worse things than being required to buy a cool car so you can potentially buy a cooler car.It's not perceived, it's actual exclusivity (exclusive to loyal...
I just got off the phone w/ the guys at Ferrari, I ordered a 488 GTS (spyder), and yes, you have to buy a GTB or GTS to get a an opportunity to buy a GTO. I think that's BS, but it's their ballgame and if you want the special edition cars (new and customized for you) you have to play it. Does that guarantee a GTO? Good question! No, no it doesn't. It is, presumably, going to be limited to 488 units and there simply won't be enough to go around. The way I understand it, the...
Yeah, this:is virtually useless (`cept for law, which is actually quite saturated right now), might as well be Women's Studies majors (a lot of them probably are). "Do you know how empowered I am?! Want fries with that?"
I was just trying to be cute, I guess it backfired. No, it was after my sister was born. We were okay until a 4th person was added.So the M3 situation came to a head, the guy came by the garage demanding his car and tried to get violent. Given my health I'm not especially tough, but my head mechanic can lift a 428 short block, so tossing a 160lb, 5'6" little dweeb out on the street (literally by his collar and belt), bouncing him off the pavement, was nothing. (I wish I...
I'd like to have my dad's old `69 Torino. He had one (baby poop green) with a 390 4V, pretty exotic for the time, and specially ordered with a posi rear-end. It was a cool car. I still can't believe he traded it for a Vega.
Yeah, Ford V8s aren't exactly very "musical", mostly just throaty and monotone. I think you could actually compose a symphony with Italian engine notes; 4s (soprano), 6s (mezzo), 8s (alto), 10s (tenor), and 12s (baritone).Unfortunately, in my experience, it drives like a truck (like the early S1 E-types).
Yeah, I wouldn't go with just an energizer for the 009s unless you have firm plans to upgrade to a good stat amp in the future. You're not going to get the most out of them, not even close, as they're pretty finicky about that.
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