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Got mine for a good price from Sonic Electronix.
For the price, I'd get the ebony TH-X00s instead. They're the best of the Fostex lot. (*when they're available)
They have Like New HD650s for $262, as well.
I'm glad you like them, I'm just saying that I'll never do business with them again and recommend others steer clear and go with more reliable sellers: It makes sense that they're also Buydig, I've had horrible service from them as well.
These are actually sold by Beachcamera, not Newegg, and Beach is one of the worst retailers I've ever dealt with. They really suck. How so? Well, I ordered a set of T90s from them on Black Friday and:1. They took a week to ship my order (they weren't in stock, even though at the time they claimed they were), so I cancelled it, but then 3 days after cancelling they shipped it anyway (and double charged me).2. At the time I originally ordered I upgraded my shipping from UPS...
Yes, no difference.
Mine are in transit and should be here tomorrow (I ordered some of the violet ones to give as gifts).
I can't get over people thinking the m9XX's amp section is "very unimpressive". While it's no Mjolnir 2, for its price point there's a fine-sounding little amp in there with enough power for 99% of the headphones on the market.
I have a tiny amount of hiss on my most sensitive IEMs at max volume with nothing playing (if something had been playing it probably would have destroyed the `phones and my hearing).
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