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Hey guys, not sure if this has been mentioned, but if you take off the earpads on these and take out the flat foam "donuts" in front of the driver (put them somewhere safe), you can experiment with soundstage and the quantity/quality of the mids. Get some 2mm thick craft felt sheets and cut out circles that are the same size as the foam you removed, and vary the size of the center hole, from quarter-sized (which is the size of the hole in the original foam) up to...
I'll let you guys know when I get word back from Koenigsegg, I'm waiting to hear back from them on a few questions I have about the Regera, what options are available, and a final price. It seemed they're swamped with inquiries right now. (No surprise.) Apparently there's a discount for previous customers that's not trivial, something like 10% off MSRP. Question for you all. Realistically, what kind of build quality, both inside and out, do you expect from what's...
In a lot of ways it looks like they raided the Pagani parts bin, the interior looks much improved and those side mirrors are nearly pure Horacio.
Totally worth every penny, and then some.Was about to post this. How about this, it has no traditional gearbox, instead uses a hydraulic, electronically actuated viscous coupling that changes ratios on the fly to the differential (kind of like a CVT, in a way, only there are 8 actual pre-set ratios that can give the feeling of shifting (or not, if you choose)). It has an 1100hp petrol engine, 700 ft/lbs of torque from the electric motors (it overall makes 1500 bhp/1500...
I get to test drive the new Charger Hellcat tomorrow, that should be pretty neat, right?
We now have all the engine management codes for the Roller Coupe and can adjust a huge amount of powertrain settings (that Rolls absolutely never intended owners to ever access). So that'll be fun. MUHAHAHA!!
I know that they're adjustable with heating and massage, and have drop-down burl wood picnic tables, maybe that's it. Did I mention the thing is nearly 6000lbs?
Did you do the mod? Sorry, I can't remember.I don't believe he, my mechanic, fully understands the complexity of what he wants to do, but even if it doesn't get converted the Fisker is a really cool car design.
Well, I bought the maroon one, so we're going to find out. I also won the dark gray Phantom coupe, which has only 4k miles on it, that'll be fun for date night.
It's a Cobra body kit over a 300Z chassis. Umm... yeah... It doesn't fire, it's just a prop. Oh, and most of the cars (90%) in this auction either don't run, because they're old museum cars that have sat undisturbed for decades, or have moderate mechanical issues and don't run well. My assumption is that anything purchased through this that's >15 years old is a headcase.
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