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Don't have any, SLI has matured quite a bit (and I use a 750TI as a dedicated Physx processor).
No, just pointing it out for anyone who may be interested. It was one heck of a bargain.
Really liking my SLI 980 TIs, almost went with the Fury X but AMD's drivers always end up disappointing me at some point.and custom lengths, for those with huge, tiny, or irregular size cases.
I have one of these, probably the best Minis ever built, and the price is right (especially when you consider the $15k worth of solid performance mods on it).
That's relative. I feel better than I did 2 weeks ago but horrible compared to 3 months ago.
I'll catch up on the thread shortly (this is the first day in 3 weeks that I haven't been running a fever and vomiting every hour, no I'm not joking). In the mean time... Look at it. Just look at it... I'm not a huge fan of Aston V8s, but I'm making an exception here.
Not forgotten the thread, nor you guys, just been on a bad roll the last month, health issues mostly. We're working on getting it all hammered out and I have a new specialist coming in late this week from the UK to help, so I'll keep you informed.
Our rule of thumb: Anything >20 years old, wait until the temp gauge needle starts to move before driving, watch the gauges and absolutely do not flog it until all fluids are up to temp (esp gearbox!). I'm proud of my shop guys, they've not seriously damaged anything yet. (I have, but you know, it's my stuff, so...) Newer exotic cars wait 30 seconds, don't flog it until fluids are up to temp (doesn't take long). Modern non-exotics just wait 30 seconds, it's (pretty)...
Lambos aren't limited, though, not even the Superveloce or Superleggera variants. They'll build as many of any model as they can sell. It's more like making sure a person is serious about their commitment to being a limited edition Ferrari owner (while padding their pockets at the same time). But I guess there are worse things than being required to buy a cool car so you can potentially buy a cooler car.It's not perceived, it's actual exclusivity (exclusive to loyal...
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