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Good luck on the manual 599 hunt, they only made 42 of them, 7 went to the US, and 6 are now totalled. They're almost as rare as the F430 manuals (35 of those).
You have $100k to spend on a GT or sports car, what do you buy?
You'd be better served by a set of HE-400s, then.
I wouldn't say they're good with pop or hip hop, they shine in classical and jazz for the most part.
I like it too, very "90s Ferrari" (which I love), and it's overbuilt like a beast, it was a test mule and has >100k miles on it.
I love this. What would you pay? Apparently they want less than the price of a real one. I shot over an offer, so we'll see.
Try the Denons before you buy them or make sure to get them from a place that accepts returns, their bass bloat is too much for me.
The reason I mention a Triumph, and a TR-3 in particular, is that if that doesn't enamor (or sour) you to sports car ownership, nothing will. While it can be a source of joy and manly catharsis, it's also a surly hateful beast that will leave you stranded and alone in the middle of nowhere, 20 miles from the nearest cell tower. It's the epitome of open-top motoring and if it grooves with you it'll stick with you forever, and if it doesn't, well, you won't be out very much...
So, you want a sports car? Start with this:
We actually aren't into cosplay, she simply enjoys making costumes.
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