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Yes, no difference.
Mine are in transit and should be here tomorrow (I ordered some of the violet ones to give as gifts).
I can't get over people thinking the m9XX's amp section is "very unimpressive". While it's no Mjolnir 2, for its price point there's a fine-sounding little amp in there with enough power for 99% of the headphones on the market.
I have a tiny amount of hiss on my most sensitive IEMs at max volume with nothing playing (if something had been playing it probably would have destroyed the `phones and my hearing).
The sale is backed by Newegg, so I wouldn't worry about not getting the product, and as for warranty, I just use Amex and let them handle all that.
Exchange it, that's very abnormal.
Same, I've logged >20k airline miles w/ my Sines and couldn't be happier. People ask about them too. In fact, I ended up having a great conversation about high-end audio with a sheik from the UAE because he was curious about my AK120 II + Sine setup.
If you tap the dial once it'll mute and go to sleep and won't get as warm (that's what I do). Or, you can unplug the usb cables to the brick and the PC and it's off.
The E18 is a good cheap option for the Sine, many places have discounted those to
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