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Nakamichi BT304 for
I heard GM had the new Z06 at the track, so we ran down to take a look at it. When we got there people were milling around it and a couple engineers were answering questions (and there were free hotdogs and sodas, I'm not joking) but you could immediately tell that it wasn't a track event as much as it was just an exhibit (boo!). When they finally said that they could take some people for "rides around the track" there was a mass exodus which left the GM reps baffled, then...
If I were looking for a cheap, fun, and fast driver's car that's unique, handsome, and sports a respected badge, I wouldn't look any further than this:
US 4C headlights are all like the Euro-spec roadster: Left: US coupe, Right: EU coupe Edit: Oh, and the ECU firmware is unlocked on the US 4C. (No doubt they know if you mess with it, though, and it voids your warranty.)
I've heard 3500k /year for the next 3 years.
That's what I understand, as well. Also they only make about $3000 in profit off each one they sell, all that carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum. They're a very solid buy, as I don't believe any of them will ever depreciate.
Male chauvinist pig! *hits replay*
I love me some pony cars and a new, fully loaded, (2015) Mustang GT is at the garage for a few days. How does it compare to last year's ZL1 Camaro? I'm going to let you know.
but he wasn't hurt, right? Geez, that was fast.
Oops, sorry. Yeah that would be nice to see again.
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