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Of the three 918 Spyder demonstrators available, two are base models, if you can call such a thing "base", and one is a Weissach edition. No brainer, there. Pic of actual Weissach 918 in question (that's a matte black wrap, not paint, because the wrap is lighter, AFAIK none of them are painted by the factory).
A 612? No thanks. a spare $6M? Also can't import to the USA, not without a good lawyer (for S&D) or a napping customs agent (it happens).
Billy, you'll love this. A woman (~30ish) in a Benz passed me yesterday, both hands at the top of her steering wheel, thumbs tapping on her huge-ass iPhone, texting like mad at 60mph. I thought, "That's not going to end well" and sure enough, 30 seconds later I see plastic and bumpers flying everywhere. I get up to the accident and, you guessed it, she'd rear-ended a guy in a Tacoma, never even touched her brakes. She plowed him, he hit the car in front of him, and the car...
You still need to read Martin's Game of Thrones, it's really up your alley (gritty and twisty as hell).
Agreed. Oh, and for those of you who are worried about the treble spike, they do EQ rather well, and if you don't mind using a little to step down the 6-7kHz range by 3-4dB, you can get rid of it altogether, making these pretty damned neutral (and well worth $350).
Getting nasty over another person's listening preferences is so passé. FYI, a lot of people dislike the way the HD700 sounds (including me), and you know what? That's fine.
Looks like my family, I wish I was kidding. No, we don't get on very well.We had the regional VP for Porsche in this morning, which was neat. He showed off the Cayman GTS and that's just an amazing car, IMO better than the Carrera S but for $35k less. This one had the PDK gearbox and chrono package, which is fine but not what I'd prefer, the 6-spd Getrag manual is my weapon of choice for this car, and no I don't care that the PDK shifts faster (I would have smacked the...
I didn't notice a tremendous difference, maybe a tiny lowering in noise floor, dynamics were still the same.Warmer than most Stax, with slightly more forward mids, but still very neutral compared to the vast majority of dynamic cans. I'd characterize it as a very pleasing and rich sound, great to listen to for long sessions without being fatiguing.IMO, yes, nothing else touches them at their price point, even at full retail. The HE-6 is a close competitor, but for more...
$700 for the ESP/950 is an absolute no brainer. That's a steal in terms of value (near-summit fi level cans).
Yep, because I had them before the graphs came online, the week they were launched.
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