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My stereo guy said the damping factor on the NAD I have is very high for its age, >40 into 8 Ohms. Wouldn't that imply that the HP-out would be pretty low resistance, since it runs off the same circuit, with only a couple resistors in the path for safety? I got an email from saying he's going to recap it with tighter tolerance parts, and replace a good bit of the relays. Plus swap the volume pot with a fine-stepped attenuator. That little bugger looks like a hoot to drive, for those who want high-peril, low-powered motoring. People often get hired simply on the power of their grades and thesis work, in those fields. It isn't until after they show up at your lab that you find out they're completely bat-sh** crazy, and generally speaking, the more prolific they are at writing in that field, the more insane...
Turns out I've noticed a few bad things w/ the NAD. 1. There's a 2dB channel imbalance, R>L. 2. the left channel is noticeably brighter than the right. 3. It clicks and pops a little after it's been on for > half an hour. I turned it over to my electronics guy to check it out, he says he can fix and freshen it up, which I want to do since it's so old and rare.
Beautiful women think smart men are hot for a while, but they seldom stay with them, ask Arthur Miller. (He did say those were the best years of his life, however. Up until the affairs got out of control and she stopped coming back home.)Well, there are only so many famous Brits who are good drivers and that show has been going on for a very long time. Sooner or later they'd have to put Cowell or Ramsey on, it was unavoidable. At least we also got people like Jodie Kidd,...
No, that was my ex-wife who did that. My current wife would simply stab or shoot me, she wouldn't take it out on my keepsakes. I respect that about her. Some of the videos were copies of originals that my parents still had, but others weren't. See, we had some "spicy" homemade videos, but we segregated all of those and destroyed them beforehand. However, to make sure there weren't any more that I was holding back or we'd forgotten (there wasn't) she decided to zap several...
A lot of the time, the girl at Goodwill holds the stuff for me to look at.
I snagged a fully-functional NAD 3020a from Goodwill today for $25, not too bad. The HP out on it sounds great.
I had all of mine, but my then soon-to-be-ex-wife was feeling particularly spiteful when I was moving out, so after I'd boxed them all up she zapped them with a magnetic bulk eraser when my back was turned, along with a bunch of VHS tapes containing family videos from when I was a kid.
It's just an eyesore of excess, tacky. At least with a Phantom or Mulsanne you get classic beauty, but Maybachs were S-Class Mercs with hyperpituitarism and delusions of grandeur. On Top Gear Clarkson really roasted Cowell over buying one, it was a riot.
and that god-awful Maybach. If it's new, expensive, and exclusive, he wants it, at least for a little while. Word is he's already sold the Veyron and most of his other cars that are more than a couple years old. He likes them as he likes his women, hot and temporary.
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