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The B&O cans arrived, going to give them a listen today.
I need another receiver/amp like I need a hole in my head, but I found a Pioneer A-27 integrated in Florida recently. It seemed to work fine but I had it shipped directly to my electronics guy for him to check out thoroughly. When I told him about it he became more excited than I was (which is saying a lot).
All the HD650s for sale are the newer versions, there haven't been any old ones in the channel in a long time.
They're still peeved over the 458 Speciale kicking their asses in every match up. If they relaxed a little and made a car that was more fun to drive, they'd do a lot better.
I guess it's the same in every collecting "sphere", whether it's comic books, baseball cards, coins, or cars, almost no one is capable of being objective regarding their own stuff. The advantage with most of those hobbies is that there are 3rd party services that can grade an item so that when it comes time to determine its value it's a fairly painless process. With comics there's a scale between 0.5 - 10, the grader starts with a perfect 10 and then detracts for defects...
I just don't have the patience for that, which is why I buy Blue Jeans cables, they're inexpensive and very well made.
Some of the really cheap Monoprice cables have some pretty hinky connectors, I've bought several from them that were either too tight or fell apart in my hands.
Pretty much, what billy said. It's the Jalpa forerunner, but they only made a handful of them and even fewer are still around. V8 Lambos are going to come around in a major way once more mainstream collectors take an interest, conservatively I estimate a 3x jump in value over the next decade.
No idea who the seller was, beyond a name, I only got a chance to say hello to him before he bolted. Hah. I did get it to roll-start, it has a weak battery, which means it probably has a bad alternator, and one cylinder isn't firing. Par for the course, I guess. Now going to go look at an `87 V8 Vantage a guy has for sale.
It had been totaled and then restored, doesn't start, not original color, not original spec (a US car converted to European spec). All that together scares away investors, if it ran and hadn't been wrecked it probably would have been around 70-80k. More than likely it was a money pit that the owner didn't want to deal with anymore.
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