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A local guy has an `04 330Ci w/ ZHP pack and 6-spd for $9k, would be an ideal DD for someone who wants more than just a regular commuter. I agree 100% about the Bangled beemers, while they perform beautifully they are difficult to look at, and that's a hell of a shame.
When dealing with most HO N/A engines you can't simply mount forced induction and call it a day. Well, you could, but it wouldn't hold up very well, which is why many tuners do a substantial amount of work on heads, pistons, crank, and the fuel system to keep up, often actually backing off stock timing & compression for the sake of durability. The thing is, the S54 I6 is so versatile, and overbuilt from the factory, that you can do virtually anything with it. Stock the E46...
Anyone interested in an E46 M3 comparison; maxed-out-N/A vs turbo vs supercharged, each with >400bhp and costing
Obviously a mirage! Oh, I forgot my NSX story. I was looking at the prototype and an Acura girl came by with a clipboard asking what I thought of it. Before checking my tone I said, "It looks like crap, it's heavy, and the designers are only repeating what every other car company is doing right now. How is that "New" or "eXperimental"?" Her face practically crumbled, like I'd insulted her child. "Well, I'm sorry you feel that way sir, we think it's very special." My wife...
and I did get into trouble once, because it wouldn't be a trip to Monterey if I didn't. I didn't notice a sign that said you couldn't sit in the Aventador SV roadster, because there was only one and it was on the other side of the car, so I climbed inside and checked it out. Well, the poor little fella they had guarding the thing lost his mind and started rapidly speaking in Italian, pointing for me to get out. For a few moments I just stared at him, which seemed to freak...
Iraq? Oh no, it's much worse than that. I might actually consider it if it was Iraq. (After seeing more concrete evidence.) Cosmetically they looked fine, having remained covered in a very dry climate all this time. Mechanically they'd need to be completely rebuilt, but so does any other F1 after more than a few years of sitting dormant.
There's also the 2 Testa Rossas in the back, one of them causing quite a stir because it supposedly didn't exist, having been reported destroyed in a racing accident >50 years ago. The guy was pretty cagey about it too, only saying that his father had bought the car all mangled and burned and had it restored and then squirreled it away in his garage since 1970. Apparently the numbers do match, though, and I'm sure there are other rare gems hidden away that aren't publicly...
My favorite shot from the weekend: That's what over $100M in classic Ferraris looks like. Makes you want to sit and listen to some Rush, doesn't it?
Maser MC12. Mine. Edit: Oh, and a Ghibli SS. It's just a Maserati kind of day in Monterey.
That's a curious one. Maybe it's because it's the last of the road F1s built? I'm not sure. Really I think it's reached speculation levels with the F1 and anyone who has one for sale can ask nearly anything they want for it. I'm betting they'll hit $20M by the end of next year.
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