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Yeah, unless the pads are taller they won't help, just adding the extra space with a solid material is what does the trick (along with the felt). At some point I'm going to do a much more comprehensive mod that's not for the faint of heart but it'll have to wait for a while.
I used to modify speakers back in the day, building subs and playing around with enclosure and port tuning. But with headphones it all started with the damned T50RP, I mutilated a few sets until I finally came up with a set of mods that suited me. Then using that experience I try various methods I've learned on other headphones; if they sound boomy I add some damping, if the mids are honky I add more space between the driver and the ear, if treble is too bright add some...
Someday you might want to use them with a portable DAP.
Definitely read the whole thing.
AFIAK, the roadster will be a Mazda and FIAT collaboration now and Alfa will be going in a different direction, I believe the price is going to be too low to wear an Alfa badge (@$30,000 US).
The 4mm is what I used, though I would have used 5mm if I had it. You don't need a very large sheet, of course.
I tried a less dense foam and it caused an odd resonance and did nothing for bass extension, so I used the densest material I had on hand, which was that rubber, and it finally worked.
yes, it's sort of a dense foam rubber, sorry.
They are good, especially for $100, there simply isn't anything about them that I think is great. Actually, I take that back, they're quite comfortable.
They're not great, but they're inoffensive and don't really do anything terribly wrong.
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