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This is what I got to do (at the same track), but poor Matt only spent 2 laps in it. It really and truly is a "poor man's Ferrari" (if the "poor man" has $50k to spend on one).
I don't usually like IEMs (they're like icepicks into my eardrums), got these in today and I dig them. Can't believe how inexpensive they are, best bargain in head-fi right now.
My wife's iTunes top album play: The Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates - 914
Been out of town, hanging out in the UK (for car stuff), mainly shopping for cars that have just passed (or are about to pass) their 25 year import restriction, and in the next month we're going to be getting some interesting Euro classics in.I love one-offs and prototypes, and I've bought a few, but the collecting market is hesitant about them, so you have to go into such buys with your eyes wide open with the understanding that these vehicles (unless they're famous)...
Remove the space at the beginning." NEWA151"^ You have a space there.
Got some spare time and a few $? These cheap cans mod pretty well, w/ better pads and some damping. Give them a shot if you're into that kind of thing. http://www.adorama.com/HBSC7V.html?emailprice=t
No, they were saying if you see those serials to contact Sennheiser, did you read it? The person who made the listing is trying to help.
We're now a quality tester for one of the big consumer reporting outfits (sports/performance cars), dyno testing (we now have Mustang dyno to go with our Dynojet), 0-60, 1/4 mi, so that should be neat. It was a nice contract to get. Also I got to thrash a GT350 and a GT350R, and holy balls they're good. I mean very good. Hell, without even factoring in price they're monsters. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Ford is losing $10-15k /car on these.
That sucks, majorly.
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