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yes, it's sort of a dense foam rubber, sorry.
They are good, especially for $100, there simply isn't anything about them that I think is great. Actually, I take that back, they're quite comfortable.
They're not great, but they're inoffensive and don't really do anything terribly wrong.
Might want to re-read the post, you don't need to open them (and opening them messes them up quite a bit, due to them being glued shut).
Did you try the mod I wrote about?
I'm just saying that scaling with the HD650 is more open-ended than most other cans, and they don't really come into their own until you put the voltage to them.
The veil is largely amp dependent, smaller, weaker amps exaggerate it a great deal. The more the amp can control the driver, the more detailed they become.
It's been 25 years since I saw Thorogood in concert, he opened for ZZ Top (who sort of "mailed in" that concert), and man was he drunk (and couldn't string together a sentence without the word f*** in it). Great performance though, much more rock than blues back then.
Sounds like it was a great show, Slash is always impressive live, he's one hell of a performer.
Billy, one of your neighbors is selling a beautiful (and relatively rare) G1 RX-7 for not a lot of scratch.
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