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I have been in contact with a Sennheiser tech rep, asking if the earpads of their HD 800s that I just returned because of painrully stiff earpads, would become softer with use. He said they would and that i could have hastened the softening if I massaged them. (I didn't ask for how long.)   I also asked about the burn-in time required for the HD 800s. He said that Sennheiser recommended 200 hours and recommended head-fi as a source of pink noise.   I then asked...
If you are coonsidering the Denon 5000, check out http://www.lawtonaudio.com/page8.html for 5000 cusonization and leather ear pads. The sound is said to be even better.
Learning about about planar magnetic techonology and the HE-400s has been interesting but I have to ask: What advantages or benefits will the 440s offer compared to something like Beyerdynamic's Dt 880 Premium or Pros at a similar price?   Will the HE-400s be able to be enjoyed uaing only a computer's USB or audio out ?   Will a small amp such as the Total Bithead amp rather than a more powerful and expensive one be able to offer good sound?   What have I...
I'm wondering how comfortable the HD-440s are. I just returned the Beyerdynamic DT 990-Pro  (the firest pair of decent headphones I have had) because their ear cushions were uncomfortable. (This was before I learned about JMoney's leather cushions).   How does the HD-440 sound compared to Beyerdynamic's DT 770 and 880, which are well rated for mid priced phones?   Could the HE-400 be returned if either the sound or the comfort is unacceptable?
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