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I have been in contact with a Sennheiser tech rep, asking if the earpads of their HD 800s that I just returned because of painrully stiff earpads, would become softer with use. He said they would and that i could have hastened the softening if I massaged them. (I didn't ask for how long.)   I also asked about the burn-in time required for the HD 800s. He said that Sennheiser recommended 200 hours and recommended head-fi as a source of pink noise.   I then asked...
If you are coonsidering the Denon 5000, check out for 5000 cusonization and leather ear pads. The sound is said to be even better.
Learning about about planar magnetic techonology and the HE-400s has been interesting but I have to ask: What advantages or benefits will the 440s offer compared to something like Beyerdynamic's Dt 880 Premium or Pros at a similar price?   Will the HE-400s be able to be enjoyed uaing only a computer's USB or audio out ?   Will a small amp such as the Total Bithead amp rather than a more powerful and expensive one be able to offer good sound?   What have I...
I'm wondering how comfortable the HD-440s are. I just returned the Beyerdynamic DT 990-Pro  (the firest pair of decent headphones I have had) because their ear cushions were uncomfortable. (This was before I learned about JMoney's leather cushions).   How does the HD-440 sound compared to Beyerdynamic's DT 770 and 880, which are well rated for mid priced phones?   Could the HE-400 be returned if either the sound or the comfort is unacceptable?
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