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yes , i did >> 2 days i tried every possible solution , believe me it is not working well 
hello guys , i just bought a used STX and it seems not to work and am returning it soon no there is a big offer for the solo in my country ( almost half the price of STX and ZxR ) since i am not an audiophile would i notice a big difference ( if there ) between the STX and the Phoebus ? now i own the titanium (not HD) would anyone of these 3 be  huge step or not ?
no i dont haveTeied wmp and even the asus audio centee test is very low
Without svm nothing is changed
tried the three levels of gain0-64 just like no sound64 - 300 higher but very very very low sound300 - 600 higher but still barely hearableboth rca and headphones out are not working , I think it is a gain problem , what possible solutions I could do ?
~~Hi All recently a bought a used (Xonar Essence STX) installed driver and card when the volume is 100% i hear almost no sound both speakers and Headphones ( only very very low sound ) some stuff u might ask that i've already did : - 4-pin power cable is connected right - driver used 1777 , 1793 , 1794 - Asus Essence STX speakers is the default playback - i've chosen heaphones and 2 speakers , still sound is coming but extremely low - onboard sound cars is...
bump .... any help ?!
NoNo it reveals nothing
no distorotion , but when i change anything or turn PC on/off i hear the tiny sound of the card in the case , although when i change to/from headphones a hear a short sound that means the headphone is connected to something 
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