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YES! Ohmigawd. This was soooo disapointing when I listened to them. Its really, really frustrating
To hold your source and amp together you could try using 3M dual lock. Tyll at Innerfidelity has a video and article on it. Its pretty slim, and lasts longer than velcro and sticks much more strongly.
I really do not like that Panasonics. They made sound good for the price, but their build really turns me off of them. Their drivers blow out constantly, and its odd having to blow into your headphones before every use. Also, I felt they could not take a whole lot of bass boost without distortion.
RPG has a reivew on them I think... Check it out?
I wonder... The new Ipod touches and iphones have a lightning dock that is digital out only. To use LODs you need an analog out. The adapter that apple offers has the Wolfson DAC built into it.    Doesnt that mean that using the adaptors with the new ipods and iphones will give a true line out?
Is the Pure model being discontinued?
I'm pretty sure they're the V-moda M80
Neither of them really needs an amp. LP and LP2 sound similar but LP2s are more clear. LPs have more bass, but both have a huge amount of bass. I f you are choosing between only these 2, I would just think about if you will want to upgrade later on or not. If you want to upgrade later on, I would say get the LP for now and use the $100 you save for a better headphone later on. If you don't want to upgrade later on get the LP2, or wait until you can save up for the...
To record and master music, regardless of type you want neutral headphones. And even specifically for electronics LP vs DT770 would come down to preference. 
It really just depends. I have never heard a loss of micro details with th ZO. If you don't need a huge volume boost go with the ZO. Otherwise go for a "true" portable amp like the E11
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