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Sooo basically the Pro900 outclass all of the other headphones? If the headphones are that good then I will most likely get these. RPGwizard said that the Q40s have around a 10 Db bass boost. How would that compare to the Pro900? And can you feel the bass punch and rumble ? Also, can you recommend an amp for the Pro900s? Im currently looking at the E11. Thanks
In the USA the Q40s can be found around $120
Are there any headphones you have tried that you would say have more bass than the Q40?
Okay so I just read MalVeaux's review on the Q40... They seem very viable. MalVeaux or somebody else, can you please comment on if you can feel the bass rumble/punch/slam?  
Im starting to think that I received a defective model....
What Im currently looking at:   AT Pro700MK2(170) +Replacement Pads(25)+ZO2(105)=300 HFI580(190)+E11(65)=255 PRO900(370ish)+E11(65)=435 Unless there is another headphone that can fulfill my needs (Decent vocals, earthshattering bass, able to work with lower quality music, transportable, closed). A lot to ask for huh?  
The Pro900 seems to fit the bill although they are slightly more expensive BUT my concern is that they will sound bad with my low quality (320 kbps) music... The headphone doesnt have to be a detail monster. All I want is decent vocals...and enough bass to literally shake my brain
Well, upon some more listening I realize that the bass is definitely there and is does extend pretty deep. I was just saying there wasnt that much impact/slam.
Is this still up for sale?
Hey is this still available?
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