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Has anybody used these with either the Schitt Magni or the O2?
Yup, with the UE6000 that is the case. Just wondering why OP was only looking at noise cancellers.
Out of these I prefer the UE6000. Why do you want noise canceling headphones though? All of these have quite poor noise cancelling that is basically not more isolating than a regular sealed headphone.
Perfectly tweezed eyebrows makes the story. 
Nice! Ice been thinking ogf doing something like that with a clip zip
The thing is, you seem to be drowning out the outside noise with the volume from the headphones. I don't know how sensitive the M100s are but isn't 90% on your source too loud to use at home. Im starting to try to preserve my hearing for as long as I can. I prefer the comfort of over ear headphones, but if there isn't any well isolating, not bad looking headphone then I will have to resort to IEMs. 
How is the isolation on the M100
You sir, are a genius.
There is a CKS99i version which has a mic.
There are a couple. If you want something not as expensive as the FXZ-200 there is:   Atrio MG7 CKS77 or CKS99 SONY XB90EX
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