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I actually think the M100 were a substantial upgrade over the Q40. The soundstage was larger and I thought they were clearer as well.
Have you got them yet? How do you think they compare?
The comfort issues can be easily remedied by stretching the headband if necessary, and either stuffing something underneath the pads or replacing the pads IMO.
I bought my 770 velour pads from BHPhotoVideo, but I think they're out of stock right now. They do have the gel pads in stock though so you could try getting those, or you could wait for the velours to come back in stock. Another option would be to mod the original pads, by stuffing something underneath them to give your ears some more clearance.    EDIT: Found the pads on...
I read on the Pro700mk2 thread that the 990 pads are different from the 770s. The 990 ones tend to reduce the amount of bass.
It sounds like you are just used to the treble of the dj1. They have a lot more quantity and thus seem clearer and crisper.
Alright Ill contact them when I get home.
Ive tried multiple cables though. Do you mean on the jack of the Q40s themselves? Ill contact M-Audio if that might be the case.
Lolwut. Thats really wierd.
Plug it into a charger? Or put it into a fridge to cool it? I would just let it run out of battery.
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