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Are the SHE3580's good for workouts? 
I would say M100s as well. By far the most durable and best sound quality IMO. Some people have had issues with comfort, but I can wear them for hours on end with no discomfort.
I heard some people had issues with fakes though, so I was a bit concerned about that.
What's the best basshead IEMs for working out? The cheaper the better. 
Which one do you prefer?
Purple isnt high gain on ZO. Pink is. After you get to purple you have to hold the switch up for a few more seconds and it will turn pink.
Are the klipsch x10 a basshead IEM?
Are the klipsch x10 a basshead IEM?
I actually think the M100 were a substantial upgrade over the Q40. The soundstage was larger and I thought they were clearer as well.
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