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1) AKG Tiesto series seemed to be a flop overall with poor build quality, and M100 are liked by almost everyone.  2) M100 dont need amping, but I like to use them with a ZO2
I feel the Q40s are sort of mediocore unamped, but I have no distortion at extremely high volume levels, and they have enough bass to shake my eyeballs. I honestly think your pair might be defective.
I don't think any headphone can reproduce that ear tickling feeling without amping/eqing. You could try getting an amp for your 770s or eqing for more bass.
Probably some fake beats pros. 
Those vibes looks sort of like the numark electrowave  
The ZO is absolutely amazing. However there is one glaring problem with it..... Once you start using it, you can never go back to music without it 
I have the Q40s and was wondering whether it would be possible to transplant the drivers into a different body? Anybody have experience with this?
Does anyone know if Cosmic Ears will reshell things other than the TF10? I would be really interested in a dynamic driver reshell.
In the first 2 or 3 days I could only wear them for 2 hours, but after that the ear pad molds to your ear and you should have no issues with comfort. 
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