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I personally haven't tried the FXZ-200s, was just saying they are a possible basshead earphone to look into. However, FWIR they are sort of bulky, but many still find them comfortable. People say they are harder to drive than average IEMs, but there is no conclusion as to whether or not an amp is necessary. Most are able to achieve their volume needs without an amp. Adding 15dB of subbass will probably introduce distortion regardless of the type of earphones. FWIR, the...
Eagerly waiting for CKS99 impressions. No one else has commented on them yet, so I am really curious.
I have a few more options you may want to consider   Sony XB90EX Audio Technica CKS77, CKS99, CKS1000 JVC FXZ-200
I am on the look for a bass heavy CIEM too, and I think currently the best option (if you are on a budget) is the returning DD1 from cosmic ears, with a bass boosting amp (like a ZO2). Most CIEMs are BA based and thus can't offer the tactile bass many of us crave. Other options include UM Merlin, Atrio MG6 Pro, Cosmic Ears HY3XB.
Was just browsing Amazon and found the coil pro cable.
I have both as well, and I think the M100 are much more clear and resolving, but Q40 have slightly more bass. 
You were using the ESP 950 since the age of 7??? And also, you can send them into Koss for replacement as they have a life time warranty.
No problem!
BTG Audio
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