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I had a quick question. Has the cable issue been sorted yet? Or are CE still waiting on that?
I would suggest this too. I don't exactly find bass from BA to be satisfying, so something like a hybrid would be a good choice. Cosmic Ears just happens to be the best bang for the buck FWIR
Have you tried returning them?
No, they were the M-Audio Q40s with an amp. I thought I might have been imagining it, or something, but MalVeauX reported audible and strong sound under 15hz ( Heres the quote "In Audiacity, I tested 10hz and I could hear it, it was dim, but I could hear it. 15hz was definitely audible, but had a wobble to it. 20hz hit with authority, a slight wobble to it, but very...
I have headphones that go below 20hz and there's not really much of a sound, but there is a lot of driver movement, and the bass massage is awesome. 
Atrios cost around a 100 dollars though. website with coupon code CostProg50%. 
+1 to this
If you aren't buying before the end of Summer you could get the DD1 from Cosmic Ears. Its the cheapest dynamic driver custom IEM. It is said to be just under basshead levels, but a bass boosting amp or EQ could bring it there.
Where would you order the ASG-2? I can only find the custom fit version.
You could try a CIEM like the UM Merlin, or if you want headphones, you could check out the JVC SZ2000. 
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