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You would connect using a LOD or an interconnect from the Headphone Out.
So something stylish, durable and bass heavy? V-Moda.... Pretty much. Get the LP if you just want BASS. LP2 if you want some more clarity and slightly less bass than the LP. M100 if you want something with more clarity and less bass. Or perhaps a PRO700MK2 with an E11.
I might try this, after I send them in to get repaired.
I would definitely not recommend the HD280 for a basshead....
Which foam ring was removed. The one that sticks out, or the one that lies flat on the baffle?
Stay away from the IE2s if you are a basshead. Not a satisfying enough thump IMO. The only thing I really liked about them was their comfort, but I felt they were worth no where near their asking price.   If you get XB500s you dont need an amp.  XB500s have the most bass of any headphone, but aren't very clean or clear. 
They are not more bass heavy, although the bass quality is better.
Ow dioes the sound differ?
Alright after hearing this I think I am going to get the Fiio X3. It has the E17 amping chip in it so I hope it pairs well when using the HO to ZO
Hey Craigster did you Get around to testing the ZO in high gain with the headphone out jack?
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