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Dang, those look sweet!
Great job on the mod! 
Dang. Q40s+Zo... Dat bass
Got my ZO!!! Pretty awesome little amp. Dont have anything too major or great to try it out with me right now, but Ill post some impressions with the ZO and Q40s when i get home
What earphones is the bass quantity on par with?
Like while walking around, at school/work etc.
I personally have not listened to them but you should ask either Craigster, because I believe he has listened to both (not sure though), but Danny93 has the DT770 and has the M100 coming in. However, your choice is not sound quality only. Where you will be using them is also a factor. I would pick the M100 if you want to use them outside.
No problem! Glad to help.
The M100s have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you dont like them you can always return them. You can also order them from amazon and use their 30 day money back guarantee.
Eventually Radio Shack, I think.
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