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I personally have not heard them but for EDM they shouldnt be too bad. Maybe some others can chime in?
That wasnt the point of the review... Obviously the M50 are better value for money... I think he even said that.
Yeah I think so... Either those or XB500s Oh, it depends on the version. The Bass heavy version is 80ohms and is over $200 on amazon.
The cost is not double in the US though...
The cost is not double in the US though...
What color shields would look good with the Matte Black M100?
Dude Ive said this already. Most people don't care if the sones sound better. They go to the beats and get the beats, just to get the beats. Sound is not a priority for them (most of the time). Also some people torrent their music or copy it from youtube and the quality is sooo bad but it sounds "great" with beats but not so much with other better headphones on display. Beats try to apoeal to a younger demographic. Kids who get them to look cool and think they have "swag".
People, atleast the ones I know, dont buy beats for anything but for the "cred" or to just own them. They tend to not care about anything else. IMO beats look ugly and V-Modas look better but w/e. I get headphones for the sq.
Shiny black or red IMO
Umm... V-moda?
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