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I think so.  V-Moda Crossfade LPs and LP2s have as much bass as the XB500 FWIR, but nothing has more. If you want more, buy a ZO2 and try pairing it with the XB500. Or get speakers. 
Q40 and Pro700MK2 have the most, but both require amping to get that bass. Q40s if you want more neutral highs, PRO700MK2 if you want more recessed highs.
None of those will have more bass than the XB500... If you want more bass than that your best bet is either EQ or the ZO2. No other headphone will give you more bass though. I personally use M-Audio Q40s with the ZO2, and while those have more bass than stock XB500s, XB500+ZO would blow out your brain with bass.
Nope, ships from California
They are supposed to be pretty incredible. The first triple dynamic IEM. The bass is supposedly insane in quality, thanks to a dedicated subwoofer driver. But because the mid and high drivers are seperate from the subwoofer, bass doesn't affect the quality of the mids and highs. The only reason I personally am hesitant to get them is that they are IEMs. 
Why not do both? Listen when you can, and burn them in when you aren't listening to them?
are those crossfade LPs or M100s?
Merry Christmas guys!
It shouldnt matter. The extra support and space behind the earpads is the reason for the sound and comfort changes
I would honestly prefer black. I think it matches the look of the X3 better and white is a little too flashy.
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