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You don't really wash them... I think you're just supposed to wipe them down, and eventually just replace them. :/
I would say $20 too....
Ask Malveaux. He has/ or has tried both
Almost everytime I use EQ to boost bass, it seems to do something unwanted to the rest of the spectrum. I love the ZO because its soo small, and boosts bass without doing anything negative to the mids and highs.
Same here!
I personally dont think there is any substantial upgrade. I would try to save some money untill I can get a true upgrade.
For a basshead the choice is easy. 700MK2 is much bassier.
That seems odd. The d1100 are a midbass heavy can, and I have more than enough subbass with the Q40. Were you amping them?
The XB1000s however do not have more bass QUANITITY than the XB500. They have better quality though.
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