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Do Sony Hybrids work well with these?  
Can you link your mod in particular?
Honestly this is pretty much it.  There are not that many super stylish headphones that sound extraordinary.    However, I think the closest you can get to that is with the V-Moda M100 or M80....
I use the V-Moda Audio only cable, and it works well.
The CKS99 look nice but, I'm a bit worried about the isolation. I don't exactly mind the soundstage too much, as long as everything else is good.
Anybody know the best basshead IEM near a $100ish.  Mainly want good isolation, bass and build quality.    I am currently looking at the Atrio MG7, XB90 EX and CKS77. A   Any suggestions?      EDIT: I can stretch my budget up further, but this will be for casual listening outside, when I won't be able to listen to all the little things.
Nympho by Borgore.... It actually has quite a bit of bass and even though it lacks a lot of finesse, it really is an impressive song that wows a lot of my friends. I've gotten beats users to say that they think the bass of my setup is TOO punchy. Of course we know there is no such thing. xD   Anyway, I use the Samsung Galaxy Player with Jet Audio Basic, and turn everything that isnt bass on my EQ way down, and turn the bass up, and then run it into the ZO2, to the...
Thanks RPG. That is probably what it is.    Still love the Zo though. It actually allows me to listen to music at lower volumes, as I get all the bass I want and dont have to turn up the volume to get that ear tickling sensation.
I've heard that the splitter on these is too high up the cable, so when you wear them over the ear, the splitter ends up really close to your chin. Is this true?
I hear something really odd with my ZO2 sometimes. I normally have it on high gain, and when I turn up the volume on my SOURCE the sound starts to become distorted. Any ideas as to why?  There is no distortion at normal listening volumes.
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