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I dont know about loss of microdeytail, but I love my ZO. IMO it leaves ecverything but the bass basically unaltered.
Zo2 is an amp but double amping yeilds pretty positive results with it.
Please post some impressions when you get them!!!
Mm also interested to know how you got "scammed"?
Danny93 said he preferred the M100 by quite a margin
Depends on the type you get. I have trouble noticing the difference in sound between cables. I notice something is different, but the change is very subtle IMO. The audio only cable I have is 6 feet long, but the mic'd cables they have are 4 feet long.
Most cables that have a thin jack will work. I know RPG uses the thin cable that comes with the Monoprice 8323s I use the V-Moda audio only cable.
Mine rattles too
Hmm... The XB800 "super mod" is simply making 3 thin holes in the pads.... slightly skeptical.
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