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completely agree with Craigster. The M100 are a lot mclearer than the Q40. I think most wpeople would say the same. The Q40s are nice, but their build quality was simply meh in my opinion and they lacked something. When I listened to the Q40s I really enjoyed the bass. When I listen to the M100s I really enjoy music.
Nope. It is closed back. The grill is just a design.
Alpha pads+Q40+V-moda Cable comes to around 200 dollars, not really 165... Anyway from a pure sq perspective, I like the M100 the best. Q40s also need an amp, but are the most bass heavy of the bunch. Also in my experience the M-100 has the best build.
Its not like you can ever have too many headphones... . Do these have a good seal? I am trying to find a pair of headphones that I could use while working out. I was going to get the M6, but many say they aren't that great sounding anymore, so I was looking for something that has slightly more fidelity. But whenever I find something better sounding, something like poor build quality, or comfort gets in the way. 
Has anybody compared these to other budget favorites (SHE3580, FX40 etc.)
Not necessarily. I would prefer the Nexus 7, but many cannot live without a metal body, or IOS. It always boils down to preference.
How exactly did you do this? What did you use?
CIEM, but I guess you could get a C5 reshelled...
But doesn't the new cable have a different connection type? When is the new cable scheduled to be released?
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