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PRICE DROP I'm selling my Q40s. They are brand new in box , never opened. Price includes Paypal fees and priority shipping (with tracking) to continental US states.
Hey joker You refer to the EPH100 as mid end and the Gr07 as high end. How much of an upgrade are the GR07 bass edition over the EPH100. And how much does their bass quantity differ by?
Hey guys. I just had a question regarding the fit. I have small ear canals, and normally use small tips on all my earphones including the SHE3580. Do you.think I would have fit/comfort issues with these?
Hmm… that sounds like the Yamaha EPH-100 to me. Great bass with good depth, very good isolation for a dynamic-driver earphone, and the build is pretty solid. [/quote] Thanks for the reply joker. I thought the EPH100 seemed like the best option as well. My only concern was the size of the nozzle. I use the small tips on the SHE3580, so do you think I would have fit/comfort issues?
Hey joker, I bought the SHE3580 and was looking for an upgrade and was hoping you could help me out. I was looking for something with more bass than the SHE3580, better build quality and slightly better isolation. Any suggestions?
Why recommend the 77 over the 1k?
Bump for OP and myself
@Thatbeatsguy To be honest I don't think the m50 would be an upgrade over your beats pros, especially for a basshead. There is no reason to change your headphones unless you think you are missing something, or want an upgrade. And a true upgrade to the beats pro would cost over $150 IMHO. I would definitely keep the pros.
Try stuffing paper towel or rope under the pads to give more clearance. You may not even need new pads.
Remember many have reported that the Alpha Pads make the headphones more V sound/ the mids more recessed
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