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Thanks for the reply. It would be wiser to buy something more local, but since my main music is Japanese I thought these would be perfect. Didn't know about the microphonics. That would be a huge problem. Have you tried using them with a cable clip?
Looking for a new iem for j-pop since the cable on my Soundmagic E10's have broken. Very interested in the cks77x as the description sounds exactly like what I'm looking for, the sound of the E10's which I loved but better vocals and bass. There are a few concerns I have if someone can please clarify. From the pictures the earphone cable and jack doesn't look very durable at all. The only reason I'm even buying a new iem is because my old one failed. I wan't something that...
I'm surprised this hasn't got more attention. Very intrigued as I'm looking for an open headphone that does bass + natural sound properly. I'm a little scared at the DiY though. Not very confident. Plus it's going to cose quite a bit and if anything goes wrong I'll be at a big loss. The earpads aren't readily available and the nobody is selling the ad900 on ebay at the moment.   Does the bass really improve as much as you say? without the drawbacks?
Thanks a lot for the reply. Yeah my main use is for non-competitive gameplay so I'm looking for something that's more enjoyable rather than absolutely accurate and detailed. £170 is quite a lot, especially after two codes. I remember once there were codes that would bring it down to £125.   Also there is bad news. have stopped selling the x1, which they used to sell for around £150 
Very interested in buying this headphone. I'm a bit concerned at it being described as "dark" though. I've had the HD558 and hated it because of the veil. Completely sucked out all the energy. Currently using a beyer DT770, and while I enjoy it, the clamp and comfort issues are giving me problems. Also it seems to be "entry" audiophile headphones so I'm wondering what an open backed upgrade would actually give me. Problem is I've tried quite a few headphones but I still...
lol grats. Awaiting the review 
  Really looking forard to this. You havent by chance tried the Fidelio X1 as well have you? Would love a shootout between the three
I have a very small head as well. I wouldn't recommend the Audio Technica Art series. I've tried the A500x and A700x and they kept sliding down. I've currently got the beyer DT770 and if your main priority is comfort then these probably aren't for you. The inside cloth touches my ear and after an hour or 2 it gets quite painful. The clamp is quite strong. 
Would I be right in thinking the AD900x is competing with the Fidelio X1 and the MA900? Has anyone heard the AT's and one of the others? Looking for an open headphone mainly for gaming and these 3 seem to be the best choice atm. Want something I can wear for hours on end so Priority would be Comfort > Relaxed treble but still detailed (AD900's were unbearable) > Bass impact.
The wings on the ART series are rubbish compared to the Air series. The A500x and A700x I tried kept sliding down as well (I have a small head), but the AD900 I had worked perfectly. Only problem was the driver touching the ears
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