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UE700's list for 150 and are SELLING for 170.. What else, lol?
Tax return time!: I already own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's but have yet to buy an amp! :/   I have also recently purchased a pair of Klipsch image X10's for my fiance and might buy a pair for myself after a few days judgement and seeing other suggestions.    Basically I'd like an affordable, decent amplifier that I could use on my 595's and possibly IEM's.  The source would be from my phone, a Galaxy S3, which as I understand has some degree of direct...
TAX RETURN TIME! I've already bought a pair of Klipsch Image X10's, as they were on a huge sale, for 89USD.    My fiance and I will decide who likes them more, and I may buy a second pair for myself on my judgement when they arrive thursday or friday. In the meantime, I'd love some options; As a man who loves my Sennheiser HD595's for their overall clarity and impressive soundstage but who still appreciates a bit more bass kick (Without it drowning or...
alright. The only other thing that gets me is that, somehow, one day, I got back from work, many months ago, and found that one of my ear pads had what appeared to be a very small cigarette burn. still have yet to hear an explanation about that....But that's what it is..... I suppose I'd be satisfied with just having the pad on the headband replaced, as the rest is in good condition considering.... Should I put that on the attached note? or see if they'll bump me up to...
my fiance bought them off amazon as a birthday present september of 11'
Pictures incoming;                                                 
I will attempt to post pictures when I get home.
Had this pair for about a year and a half now. They have been on and off my head at least a few times every time I use them, which is very frequently, near daily when class is in provided there is no chance for rain snow or moisture and often at home so as not to disturb my fiance at night or while she is studying. When I take them off I am very careful about them not being compressed stretched bent able to fall or being stepped on. The sliders, earpads and band are all...
Insecure/smug and or cocky/under or mis-informed/gullible youth with mommy and daddies money and something pointless to try and prove.
So I am going to buy her the UE Triple Fi 10's in the next 8 hours to 3 days when my money hits the bank.Gonna spend the extra fifteen for Amazon fulfilled. I assume this will insure legitimate product.To be safe, can anyone tell me how to be sure?Also, how can I tell which replacement tips will work or fit these headphones, and which are best? I want to make sure she gets a great fit and give her the choice of isolation comfort or a balance. ..
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