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How would the sound leak of these compare to that of the ATH-M50's?
Hows the durabilitty of the cable on the 580's?
Bump! Id like to know more about these two if possible!
Would you guys mind posting some pictures of you guys wearing the headphones so I have a reference of how big they are? Thanks in advance!
How well do the dt250 pads fit on these cans?
How much?
This may be a little off topic, but I was wondering how any of these compare to that'd the ultras one pro 900's.
Interested! How much?
How much?
Hey I'm also looking to buy a pair of bassy headphones. Was almost set to buy the pro700mk2's but, after even more research I neglected to buy because I heard of how much the vocals are overpowered and mids/highs aren't very good. So any suggestions on a pair I should get? I don't want it to hurt overall SQ too much, and would prefer detachable cables.
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