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Hello, i'm trying to return my M2's for a new pair but I don't know how. There is a warranty card in the box but it doesn't have a location for shipping it back. It says I can send it to amazon but the warranty is only for a month but the warranty card for the M2's says a year. Someone please help.
I have been looking for some IEM'S between the price range of 50-70 dollars and I stumbled upon a pair of IEM'S Called the Brainwavz M2's and I was wondering if they are worth my time. I mostly listen to rap like Dr. Dre and Nas so I listen to heavy bass. Do you think I should buy these? If not, which kind of IEM'S Should I buy? Please respond quick.
I'm looking for a head in the range of 50-60 Dollars. I know this limits me a lot but its all I can afford at this moment. I mostly listen to hip-hop so I want something with a lot of bass. The two places I will probably use it is home and in the car. I'd prefer no leaking and I want a simple design. Please research the headphones and put the price so I know what they cost. Thank You.
So I should get them?
Are Sennheiser HD448 any good?
I need some with some bass but not bass that is all you hear like beats haha
Any other Suggestions?
Hello, I am trying to find a good pair of closed ear headphones. I mostly listen to hip-hop and sometimes techno. I want a good set with just enough bass and crisp sound. The headphone buying guide doesn't really have what I want so I want your expert opinions on what I should get. They will mostly be used at home and occasionally at home. Thank you for your help.
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