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 they reduced the allowance last year for imported Goods it's now £15 approx. before VAT's added & I believe the 'Gift' allowance is £28 approx... they gotta hit the little guy so Amazon & the like can keep their tax exemptions. ps... my Brother lives close to Exeter, you're welcome to him...
 I can confirm they have telephones in Greece having spent many a happy holiday touring the islands (Spetsai was my fave), you can even use a mobile, well you could back in the 90's, hth. btw... if you sole purpose of joining was to be a troll it's worked, please don't flame things further.
 thing about Amazon reviews is that as long as you're a registered user you can post a review on a product without actually purchasing the item. I personally check to see if the person making remarks has a Amazon 'verified purchase' otherwise the system is open to abuse.
  getting back to the main focus of our habbit... music & The Dead...  
 there's also Tannoy, Dynaudio & Genelec actives. WCDchee... cheers for that KEF info, appreciated.
 Jazz... sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, two choices that you like can't be a bad thing.
 KEF do a nice little active-speaker, might be worth adding to your list. Link: http://www.kef.com/html/gb/showroom/digital_music_solutions/x_300a/x_300a/index.html#.Vj9I3HlOeUk
 and that's what matters most, you the Customer liking it...  ps... I can't hear charts, I have a great knowledge of construction-drawings though...
^ what he said ^... I can't improve on Relic's post.
 I keep seeing that the Mojo sounds amazing, lots of happy Customers by the looks. Unfortunately I don't do 'technical' that's above my pay-grade, I just roll-out old answers that I've been advised on previously, hth...  
New Posts  All Forums: