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Building my bottlehead cracking today so might be able to bring that down too if anyone's interested.
If you don't mind going for the older models, they're for sale on ebay UK.
I'll hopefully be able to resist swinging by the hifi shops don there.
Hoping to see a Tera player so I can see how it sounds with my Heir 4.Ai GSARider + 1 Bringing: MacBook Pro Retina, Fiio E17, Fiio E09K, HDVD800 (If bought in time) Amperiors x 2 (1 x Custom Cable), IE80 (Toxic Silver Poison), HD800 (Toxic Copper). EddieE Naimless Zenpunk : MDAC + Topping TP60 or Little Dot MKVI+ (if coming with a car) + HD700, HE6, JVC DX1000, Sony XBA40, JVC FXZ200, PFE232. Julian H : Macbook Pro with ALAC's, Nuforce...
And it's a Galaxy Note 2 not a S2.
It's not a LOD, it's a USB OTG cable going to what I think is a Sabre Dac
I was about to suggest the ATH M50's Either them or the V-Moda M80's
The same aesthetic (or lack of) as their older models. Though as long as it sounds good, I couldn't care what it looks like.  
When you get rather annoyed at Samsung for not enabling usb audio in the jellybean update for the galaxy note.
Just updated my original Galaxy Note (N7000) to the official Jellybean rom that's just been relesed. Doesn't support USB audio   USB Audio Recorder doesn't work either.
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