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Well since I received no reply from bottlehead whatsoever  I started looking around again for the manual.   If anyone else lost their manual and can't find it online I have found a torrent for the files including speedball. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1446c8b4919fe5dc3287a7ac2e629cf0f32dc7ba&dn=bottlehead%20crack%20manual.7z
Yea i have already contacted them. I just tought it would be faster this way.   Can't download because I don't have an account. I ordered from massdrop at the time.   Anyway I understand that you are not officially allowed to share the documents because of copyright. It would explain why I couldn't find any on bing. So I'll just wait for a response.
Hi,   I have lost my crack+speedball manual. Could you guys send one to me. You can PM. It would be a great help!   Oh and for those who are interested. It doesn't work perfectly with the X2 unless you don't care about the bass being a bit loose. The rest of the sound is great! X1 seems to have a little less trouble with the bass and this amp. Don't know why tough.
FiiO's cables are very nice too. I recommend it.
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately upping the budget is not possible since we all have a set budget. Anyway I went with the shp-2000 since it should be decent and it's dirt cheap at 8 euro's
I currently have the Bottlehead crack+speedball for my senns hd650 and hd580, and I also have the fidelio X1.   I might want to sell the Senns and the X1 and get the X2 but how does it stack with the Bottlehead amp? I must say that when I connect the x1 to the bottlehead it's defenitely better then on my laptop or cowon j3. But ofcourse it's not a good match. It's just that I'm not hearing anything wrong. Would this be a good set or should I also sell the bottlehead...
Hi there,   It's been a very long time since I have been on this site. Mostly because I'm content with what I have and don't need anything new. But now I need your help again. I'm looking for good closed back full sized cans with a bit of emphasis on the bass for under 15 euros. The only thing I have found which would be good is the Philips SPH-2000.   Anyone have an idea?   Thank you!   Edit: The shp-2000 is only 8 euros in a certain store!
-Headphone(s) you possess: HD 650 HD 580 HD 518 Fidelio x1 Alessandro ms-one Koss portapro Cosmic Ears pure   -DAP(s) you possess: Phone and surface tablet Cowon j3   -FiiO product(s) you possess (if any): E10 E5 The extension cable and cable for x1 which i got for review purpose.   -Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted:   -Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in): Netherlands   -Language(s) you can...
Is the headphone itself higher rated then a hd650 on a bottlehead crack+speedball?
Hello there,   What would be a good price for this headphone and is it worth getting? I'm asking because I see a pretty cheap one for sale nearby. It's ad price is 140 euro. (around 180 dollars or sumthing) I can probably get some off the price. BUT it comes as is. He couldn't test it and I myself don't have an amp.   Is it possible to run these out of a speaker amp someway? Maybe with a converter, if it's possible what do I need for not too much money.     Thanks...
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