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Now with free shipping!
Total price now is 137 excluding shipping. Last chance or I'll deny receiving them at the post office
I'm not really sure. Haven't tried it yet. Do you know about a free sample I can download.
I will include the cables for free.
No langer available! Have you always wanted to order the HiFiMAN HE-350 but you missed the chance at massdrop? Good news for you! I ordered this headphone months ago and just when I decided that I am no longer interested they decided to ship the headphones out. This means I can offer you these limited headphones very new. I'm not looking for a profit on these headphone. I can always decline the order when delivered, I spoke to massdrop and this means I get a full...
For Sale: Now with free cables and shipping world wide! One Audiolab M-DAC in pristine condition. It comes with all accessories Optionally I can include a good quality usb cable and an OK source and toslink cable. Purchase date: 05-01-2016 DD/MM/YYYY
nevermind :P
If you can do that, you probably don't need the manual at all. :P  I just posted the link here because it is very hard to get the manual, I asked a few times and never received it so I tried to find the manual on the internet. It's probably better to get the manual directly from bottlehead. That way you have the most up to date version. But still it's better than nothing.
 If you have lost the manual it's hard to get it back. But I found this torrent online you could use.magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1446c8b4919fe5dc3287a7ac2e629cf0f32dc7ba&dn=bottlehead%20crack%20manual.7z I checked it and it looks like it's the same as far as I can remember.
Whats wrong with the china amp? I don't see anything in particular wrong with the amp. Is it just the quality of the components? And where is a choke left out? How do you know/see? @Jony Maybe consider just buying this. You can connect the speakers to the analog input.   If you want it cheaper and in seperate cases just use your 2nd or 3rd example. Whichever is easiest with the wires.
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