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nevermind :P
If you can do that, you probably don't need the manual at all. :P  I just posted the link here because it is very hard to get the manual, I asked a few times and never received it so I tried to find the manual on the internet. It's probably better to get the manual directly from bottlehead. That way you have the most up to date version. But still it's better than nothing.
 If you have lost the manual it's hard to get it back. But I found this torrent online you could use.magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1446c8b4919fe5dc3287a7ac2e629cf0f32dc7ba&dn=bottlehead%20crack%20manual.7z I checked it and it looks like it's the same as far as I can remember.
Whats wrong with the china amp? I don't see anything in particular wrong with the amp. Is it just the quality of the components? And where is a choke left out? How do you know/see? @Jony Maybe consider just buying http://www.headnhifi.com/amplifiers/desktop-headphone-amplifiers/O2-ODAC-fully-modded this. You can connect the speakers to the analog input.   If you want it cheaper and in seperate cases just use your 2nd or 3rd example. Whichever is easiest with the wires.
Voltage regulator is an IC, right? ;p Anyway, try the tape on the casing, maybe use some good glue that won't be affected by warmth.     Btw anyone still have some idea for the channel imbalance?
@snowlune Yea in this case I'd also suggest to just insulate it. Try using insulation tape. It's pretty thin and should do the trick. I'm not sure how it would be called in you country but the stuff usually comes in red, blue, and brown greenish colour, is rubbery and stretchy.   However i'm not sure what the best way to apply it would be. Since putting the tape all around the metal part might make it too hot?   If you have a hot glue gun (also not sure how you call...
 Buy something called a solder sucker, or solder wick (goat wick) And make sure to let the IC cool down between attempts. I'm not sure how long you tried but if I recal correctly overly heating the IC's can damadge them.
I have a question regarding low volume listening. I almost Always listen at low volums with my x2's. ATM I'm listening to the lowest possible volume possible without channel imbalance at 1x gain.   Is it possible to set the gain at e.g. 0.5x? Or would it be a better alternative to buy another volume pot without channel imbalance?
What? Sibilance? I'm very sensitive to sibilance. The X2's are not sibilant to me at all, in fact they have a nice dip in the fqr that suits my sensitive ears well. And I have owned two X2's both sibilance free
Well reading This I lost all my reasons to start using tidal. I am using the trail for a day and I do like it, however when it moves to America it will become yet another money grabbing firm who hardly listen to the individual. Especially since some rapper is buying it. I kinda liked that the company was from Sweden, I hoped it would be a company which truly likes what it's doing and wants the best for the user. Then they really deserve to make alot of money. Take FiiO as...
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