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Still producing beautiful music since I got them in March 2014. Still looking good as well.
Just got the Master 9 a few days ago. Man the thing is huge but the aluminium does look and feels good. Currently pairing it with a DA8 and HE-500. So far so good, coming from a SA-31.
Silver carbon.
Any pics of each?
Silver coloured with carbon fibre mixed in.
Count me in! I'm @Bsoontan89 on Twitter.
I'm in.
        Woke up to a pleasant suprise today. The long wait was certainly worth it. Overall the build quality is very good, doesn't feel flimsy like the stock silvers and yet still light except for the neutrik plugs and 1/4 inch termination(they feel so solid). For now I am just going to enjoy them. Might post impressions later, when I stop getting intoxicated.
Green Widow. Green=Hybrid.  
Ah, the answer I was looking for. Thank you.
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