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Its at the back.
Do you have any review/s?Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
Hi, any plans for a top end DAC or is the D600 your top end DAC for the foreseeable future?
Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like you are very good with your hands. I think I'll sit this one out.
Thanks for the pics. Was it an easy task to complete? Did you require the use of a soldering iron? Where did you get the master clock from?
May I ask how did you upgrade the master clock in a similar fashion?
Any mention on pricing and availability?
Still producing beautiful music since I got them in March 2014. Still looking good as well.
Just got the Master 9 a few days ago. Man the thing is huge but the aluminium does look and feels good. Currently pairing it with a DA8 and HE-500. So far so good, coming from a SA-31.
Silver carbon.
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