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Well, I drive the LCD-3F @ 110ohms (mine are 114 and 113 ohms respectively) with the auditor and so far it's pretty good. Much much better then with the Vali. People often say that you need at least 1 watt to drive the LCD-3 properly, so I sent an email to SPL to ask how many watts the auditor deliver at 110ohms. According to them, 1,3watts so I guess I'm fine. 
Yeah, I only put a lower price on the LCD-X because of the metal casing, which probably cost less then the wood. The problem here is that some people think higher definition = better quality, it's way more subjective then that. If more details and definition would be in all case better, we would no longer use tube amp among others things. Does the LCD-3F is "better" then the LCD-2F? Yes, if you can afford it, if not, get the LCD-2F and enjoy it. I would put that $1000 on a...
No, less details make the voice sound more "natural". Like a Vinyl vs CD, the CD have more def, but the Vinyl will sound more "creamier".
I had the chance to compare both.  1. I can't answer since I only did A/B testing (going back and forth between both). I would say that there is a difference, now like most I don't think the 3F worth double of the 2F. 2. To me the 2F was better at reproducing voice.  3. 2F is creamier and grainer, the 3F is more detailed and accurate.  I would price them like that: $1000 for the LCD-2F, $1400 for the LCD-X, $1500 for the LCD-3F. 
Do you know what type of glue it is? There is no clip or anything else to hold it there?
I don't think the Zebrano wood is fire resistant for burn-in. 
The problem is that the usb power doesn't start at the usb port, but at the PSU, so once it get to the usb it's already full of noise. It's like getting in a home with your boots full of dirty and you ask if vacuuming your floor would prevent your boots from getting dirty, they already are!
 I have been listening to the T1 and LCD-3F all the evening so far. I don't have a clear winner. I think it depends of what you like (music style and how you want it represented). The T1 really shine for acoustic, piano, metal, classical. You have lot of clarity, big sound stage, good instrument separation. You can listen to some track with very busy passage and still here all instrument like if they are playing separately. It's like if there is more then 1 speaker in this...
Just open your computer case, you will see how many cable without proper shield are in there, your power will be already dirty before it even leaves your usb port. I don't think the part going outside the case with make much of a difference.  I'm sure changing to a different computer would have a much bigger impact then the usb cable (if your DAC is crappy and grab interference from the usb interface).
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