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Any news with that upgrade?
No you are not, I still have that setup and love it.
Anybody here who use the T1 with the little Vali?
Those T1 continue to impress me day after day on my setup, I feel no need to upgrade.   I'm sure you will enjoy yours, just make sure you have a great source for them.
I have the Vali and the T1, and I don't think they pair well. The Vali is not resolving enough and it's bass are too slow to get the most of your T1. By too slow, I mean the damping factor is probably lower, not sure how you call that in hifi terms. Not a bad amp, but you won't get everything from the T1 with that amp. Also, I feel that everything is less detailed with the Vali, I try to get used to it's sound signature, but I always end up replugin my T1 in my auditor. I...
I use the unbalanced output of my W4S DAC2 (which is 2.6volt) and I listen to it at about 12 oclock (with the T1) and around 2 oclock with the DT880 600ohms. I will get some XLR to RCA cable to get my 5,2 volts output and see if it's better. I would not worry too much about it. So far after more hours, I like that little Vali, but I think it's a bit too warm to my taste and the bass are a bit too slow and uncontrolled. I guess the damping factor is pretty low on this...
I agree with you, it's not a fun sounding amp, it just gives you what is there. If you don't like it, it's because it's badly recorded. What headphone you use with it?
Yes, I'm currently listening to the Vali with the DT880. I prefer the sound of the DT880 then the T1 on the Vali. Personally I think the sound stage of the Vali is very small, so when I plug the T1 the sound stage doesn't become bigger. So basically the sound stage of the Vali is on par with what the DT880 can deliver. Also, the DT880 600ohm are not really sensitive, so you won't have much problem with the micro dynamics. I personally think the Vali is a bit on the warm...
I have the #000539, I ordered it the first day, (but late evening).   I wonder how much they sold of that little amp.
Purrin, what do you think about the sound stage of the Vali? 
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