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Looking for a black set in clean and working condition. Please email. Thank you.
Like to find a set for my Audeze. Prefer to have 8 ft or longer. Shipping address at CT 06510. Please send PM. Thank you. Steve
Please PM info. and price paypalled and shipped to CT 06510. Thanks,   Steve KC
Looking for a US pair, due to the warranty purpose. Thank you.
Bought. Thanks.
May I ask is the cable still available? Thanks!
I like to trade my iPhone 4/4S to RCAs cable for a min 3.5" to RCAs cable. Looking for an ALO/Whiplash Audio/Moon-Audio/etc. equivalent.   The cable I have is 2-foot.   Thanks. Steve K
I hope there is no need for anyone to make cancellation. But wishfully I like my 2013 post-Christmas order to move earlier. 
Looking for a clean pair, US model only. Prefer the seller to include a copy of the original sales receipt.  Please PM info and price. Thank you, Steve.
Prefer to have a US sale. Looking for one without scratch. Please PM images and price paypalled and shipped to CT 06510. Thank you, Steve
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