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  Getting m 100s after christmas, cant decide between these three shield designs
Yes thanks, Ive been doing some research and come to the same conclusion. Ill oreder as soon as they are released.
I am considering selling my koss djpro100s for an upgrade. I am interested in the v moda crossfade lp2, but i just wanted to check that it will sound the same as the m80, and not like the original lp.
I was looking at the superlux hd668, but would prefer closed back, are the 669s as good on sound quality?
hifiman re272 or more neutral rockit sounds r50 or vsonic gr07
I currently use a pair of koss dj pro100s every day when walking to the bus stop and while on the bus ( journey time approx 1.5 hours). they are great, but I want to change them for something lighter and possibly better sound quality. I was looking at the superlux hd668, but would prefer closed back. does anyone know if the sound quality on the 669 is as good as the 668. also, if anyone is interested in buying my pro dj 100s, or have a second hand pair of cans they would...
when you finally do have enough money for some new iems, but instead of just buying a pair you can afford, you spend about a month trawling the internet for a second hand pair of the particular ones you want, then end up paying international shipping on them and overspending anyway
payment sent
I would always hesitate to recommend tf10s because of awkward fit. I would say vsonic produce some of the best vfm iems with the gr99, gr06 and gr07. fischer audio dba 02 mk2 are great vfm, as are rockit sounds r50s.
Thanks for the help. I think I've settled on a pair of sony mdr ex600s. I tried out my friends recently and loved the build quality, and they just  fit me perfectly. Sound great too.
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