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I have the BS21s in my living room being used as Home Theater speakers :D  I'll just go with the BS22s for my battlestation then and get the T-Amp.  Thanks for the help!
So If I got the Indeed t-amp what speakers would you recommend to go with it?  I would be using my Audinst Hud-MX1 as a preamp/dac
 I don't like listening to music loud.  When I game I listen at a normal volume.  It's really dependent on when I'm listening/playing.  Late at night I use my headphones to be considerate of my roommates.  During the day I have my Amp/Dac between 9 and 12 o'Clock.
 Am I going to notice a significant difference between the active and passive? Do you have any suggestions on what components I should get?
So would you suggest getting the Maudio AV40s over a set of Polk Passive Monitors and an Indeed TAmp?
Hello all, I currently have a set of EagleTek 2.1 speakers and I'm looking to upgrade to a better set of speakers.  I'm fully upgrading my office/man-cave.  I just build a PC and am working on my battlestation, so I figured it might be worth it to upgrade my speakers.  My setup is currently PC->Audinst Hud-MX1.  This then has the internal switcher of RCA out and Headphone out.  My headphones are Beyerdynamic DT990 Premiums.   So Yeah I wanna upgrade to either a steroe...
I actually tried discussing it, and she said that I should wait and see, because she talked to both her DJ friend and guitar center and they both told her this would be the perfect option for someone who wants to listen to music.  She told me because it's used it shouldn't particularly matter, because I'll probably get myself a nice one in a few years anyway.     Is there anything I can do to it, to make sure it doesn't ruin records as well as allow me to listen to it...
I actually don't know if you can I was looking for information and I couldn't find any on that.
So I have an issue with what my SO is giving me for my birthday. So she bought me a Stanton T.62 turntable for my birthday in 20 some days. She told me what it was. The problem is she asked her DJ friend what would be a good record player and that's the one he told her. There's an issue with the turntable though. It features a straight tone arm with the cartridge and needle aligned straight with the arm, rather than offset.  I know about the issues that will come from...
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