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I haven't listened to this since college when a roommate had the album. I forgot how much I enjoyed it!  
  A great way to close out the weekend!
Listening to this as part of the weekly rotation on "Album Club" over at The Art of Sound community  
Taking a trip back to the college days with this one:
I plan on using it on my main system but through the optical to an outboard DAC. I don't have any high res stuff at this point and don't plan on adding much, if any to the collection in the near future. I have PLEX on my desktop so I will probably try and get it setup with the WD TV to see how it works. My wireless is pretty good and I haven't had any dropout issues with the Squeezebox. I should have the unit on Thursday so I plan on spending some quality time with it over...
Yeah, for $50 it was hard to pass up. I should be getting the WD TV in a couple of days so I'll be able to give an opinion of how it works by next week.
I found a blog post where the guy tested the WD TV to see how it performed from the RCA outputs vs optical to an outboard DAC: MEASUREMENTS: WD TV Live - A look at (and listen to) the digital "low end" It's a pretty good read and he seems to do a fair analysis of it. Apparently, it does downsample to 44/48khz but I'm not worried about that. Bottom line is that it looks like the WD TV is a decent audio streaming device, especially when using the optical output.
 I did some research and decided to try the WD TV Play. It was under $50 including shipping. It looks like the optical output is plenty good enough for my needs. I will only be using it for audio. I have a Roku which we use to stream Netflix, Amazon, etc.  If I like it I'll probably get another one and "retire" the other Squeezebox.
I've done some research and it seems like I can run Logitech Media Server on a NAS so I'm considering getting one but I think I still need a "box" to receive the signal from it. Any suggestions for a nice,inexpensive box with optical out that can receive DNLA?
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