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I've been a very happy owner of a Schiit Magni amp that powers my Mad Dog Pro headphones while streaming digital files. I added a turntable to my system earlier this year and love it but up until now I haven't used headphones with the turntable. I am looking to consolidate my system to one that I can listen to both analog and digital music through one headphone amp and my Mad Dogs. I'm looking for some suggestions for an amp that can drive the Mad Dogs and sound good with...
The Art Of Julian Bream-Brought to you by 317X "The loneliest man in the recording studio is a guitarist..." This 1960 recording on the RCA Red Seal Label proclaims "Living Stereo" and "Miracle Surface (containing the revolutionary antistatic ingredient 317X)" on the sleeve. I don't know about that but for a 55 year old vinyl disc it sounds pretty good. Julian Bream (born 1933 in London) is a classical guitarist and I had never heard of him until I saw this record in...
 A Good Life Mantra-Minute By Minute by The Doobie Brothers So many times we seem to get caught up in our hyper-speed life. I know I'm guilty of it. Well, way back in 1978 The Doobie Brothers got it right when they came out with Minute by Minute. This is a great record, even more so on vinyl. I thinka a good, clean vinyl copy beats the standard issue CD version. That's not true for many albums but I think it is in this case. Highly recommended!  
 Hair mousse on a record? Sounds like something that would happen in the mid-1980's  
Boston-Third Stage:     The third album from Boston, released in 1986, has a few notable hits. This album was released during my college years (damn I'm getting old!). I've heard many of the songs from time to time over the years but I hadn't purchased the full album. I found this in the record store and it seemed to be in very good shape. I did a light cleaning on it and it is playing very nicely, with almost zero background noise. Not bad for 29 year old plastic! I...
  Listening to this nice 2 LP box set I got for $9 at the record store. It's a 1969 release from the Netherlands. The vinyl is is pretty good shape. The recording is very good and there's just a few stray pops and crackles that I think will go away with a good cleaning. A very nice find!
Listening to a couple of records we picked up at today:   The record is a little rough but in good enough shape to realize how good of a songwriter John Denver was. I think I'll look for another copy of this in better condition.      Next up is "Van Go" (1986) by The Beat Farmers. We saw them with The Red Hot Chili Peppers at Colorado State University's "College Dayz" in April of 1986. Talk about a great concert and lots of great memories! While the sleeve of this...
Yes, having The Epics record something new would be fun. As for the lucky BBC radio host...I'm extremely jealous!
  Wow, is this a good recording! The audiophile vinyl is fantastic! Mudcrutch is the name of the band that preceded the Heartbreakers. They got together in 2008 and reunited/recorded this. If you are fans of Tom Petty and haven't heard this record you need to give it a listen. The vinyl version comes with 2 LP's and a high quality CD
  Enjoying the vinyl version of this classic record. Goes great with a 2009 vintage Imperial Russian Stout from Stone Brewing! Hope everyone is having a great Friday night! 
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