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Like others have already suggested, I think you need to check out the Sony MDR-XB series. Minimum XB500, but I think the XB1000 would be better. Check them out in this thread:
The stuff you are having problems with is from iTunes? There is a known issue, try removing the album art with mp3tag and see if that clears it. Do you have any CDs you can rip to mp3s? Try loading the mp3s and see if they cause any problems.  
Anything by Philip Glass, but The Hours, Koyaanisqatsi, Mishima and Kundun stand out.
  Which version?
  18 tabs in one window, 28 in another. That's maybe a little above average, but not by much. I'll sometimes have three or four browser windows open.     Ads? There's adverts on the Internet?  
Minimum 20 posts required at time of offer. Think that may have been the one ;-)
Waiting for a Miracle - Leonard Cohen  
  You are missing the fact that the OP is in India and you are refering to an item on with free delivery to a US address. The same item to India is going to incur $45 shipping plus any customs and clearance charges, final cost is going to be nearer $200.  
I was going to suggest the V-Moda M-80, but if you feel they don't have enough bass maybe the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 would be an option. These are my everyday out-and-about headphones and I really love them. They are not too big to wear outside like a lot of over-ear headphones and they are built like tanks.   V-Moda themselves are out of stock of the LP2 until June, but currently have them in stock. There are over 20 reviews on Amazon, all in the 4 or 5 star...
The latest edition of the BBC science series, Bang Goes the Theory was all about the ear and featured a lot of headphones including a (I believe) Stax Lambda and a young girl wearing the cheapest, crappiest pair of fake Beats that she'll never live down when her friends see it.   If you are in the UK you can watch it via the BBC iPlayer, not sure if this series gets shown on BBC America. Otherwise a search for "Bang Goes the Theory S06E02" might throw up some results...
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