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I can't/don't know how to put on the short clip please help!  I try to fit it in the little hole thingy which I am sure we're supposed to do but it doesn't fit and I feel like if I really force it the cable would break
  Damn that sucks.  What if an artist/their record company don't release those higher quality CDs and in places like itunes/android store?
   Are flac files able to play 192kHz/24 bit?  I ripped a few cds into flac.  The only way to play these high res music is to buy it or can we use a program and rip it from our cds?
  I still got like questions I can't even think up of right now and I'm about to go to sleep but just a random question, how do I play music in 192kHz/24 bit?  I got some flac music files if that helps
  Thanks a lot!  Like I said I am a newbie when it comes to DAP/X5.  Anything I should know about anything that's related to the X5?
  Earlier I put the micro sd, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M562LF4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 , and formatted using the player.  Did it formatted the card as FAT32?
Just got my first dedicated music player with the x5 2nd gen.  So in order to update firmware, take out all memory card, copy the "X5II.fw" file to the x5 directory that shouldn't have anything on it then turn off the x5 (do I hold the power button for this?), insert my micro sd which I already put some music on it, hold shortcut key then while still holding the shortcut key press the power button?  Is that how I update firmware?
  Can you give me a direct link?
Hi guys I am gonna get the X5 second gen.  I have a HE-500 and K702, how does those headphones sound with the X2 ii?  Also which IEM(s) do you guys recommend that's $100-$200?  I want to get am IEM so I can listen music when I am not at home.  Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: