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I'm pretty satisfied with the HD 650, just hoping to squeeze a bit more vocal or treble performance out of them. (Are male and/or female vocals in the "treble" range? Or are vocals in the "midrange")   With that said, if I was to upgrade headphones, is the HD 800 the next step up? This would be too expensive unfortunately. 
My current set up is:   FLACs on laptop > Modi > Magni > HD650.   I am hoping to get a little bit of extra male and female vocal performance out of the cans.   What do you guys recommend my next upgrade to be?   Should I upgrade to a Bifrost? Or upgrade the amp? Or get silver cables maybe?   Just for future reference, what Hz range do male and what range do female vocals generally fall under?    Thanks. 
I'm listen to FLACs on my laptop through an HD 650 powered by a Magni/Modi stack. If I swap the Magni for the new Vali, will I noticed an improvement?   I enjoy vocals, will the Vali help bring out the vocals?
I'm currently listening to FLACs on my computer with the HD 650s through a Magni/Modi stack. Everything is great, except I would have preferred a little better treble clarity.    I'm thinking of upgrading the stock cables to a silver cable. I heard this improves the treble a bit.   Any recommendations? So far, the Toxic Silver Poison 6 ft one looks pretty attractive. I heard this has a very long wait time? I'm based in the US. Are there any other cables that wil give...
But generally speaking, most people regard the HD 650 as a good headphone if one enjoys vocals?
Generally speaking, are vocals in the midrange or treble? I know people sometimes have negative sentiments regarding the treble of the 650's, but does this mean that they think the vocals are bad? 
What songs/recordings do you guys use to judge the vocals of your headphones? So far, I found Adele's 19 album to be pretty good, but the noise floor is a bit high. 
 I had the the same problem with my M&M stack. It resolved itself when i tried a different USB plug; almost definately a power problem. You can try buying an AC-powered USB hub.
How does the PS1's DAC compare to modern DACs such as the Schiit Modi?   In other words, how would PlayStation One > Magni > HD 650 compare with Laptop Flacs > Modi > Magni > HD 650?
 So the reason people pay thousands of dollars for a high-end CD player is partially for the integrated DAC inside? Would you say that nowadays, most high-end audiophiles have switched over to listening to FLACs via a laptop instead of CD players?
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