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Does anyone's Valhalla 2 have ringing in some of the low treble notes?   I'm running Modi 1 > Valhalla 2 > HD 650. I'm at about 30 hours burn-in on the Vally 2. In some of the low trebles (maybe higher pitched male voices, or female voices) I hear almost this vibratory sibilance and it sounds a bit like metal ringing. Does this go away with more burn in?
Is it worth upgrading the amp past the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball for the HD 650? i.e., are there more expensive amps out there that will pretty much best the BHC + SB in every way when paired with the HD 650?   At that point, would money be better spent upgrading to a different headphone?
Yeah that's what I was thinking. The "factory sealed" tape on the outer box was intact, but the sticker on the plastic bag holding the actual amp was broken already. I guess I'd have to ship it back to Amazon for an exchange? i.e, they wouldn't be able to just send me the rubber feet right?  On another note, assuming I'm using the Vally 2 in a well air-conditioned room, is there a max amount of time I can safely listen to the amp in one sitting? Does the amount of heat...
For those with a Valhalla 2, do you use hi or low gain setting with the HD 650? The low gain setting can drive mine to adequately loud levels, but I feel like it sounds better on hi gain. Anyone else notice this, or is this just placebo?   It seems like the majority of owners on this thread prefer the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball over the Valhalla 2. Is there anyone that actually prefer the Vally 2 instead? 
Should the Valhalla 2 come with 4 rubber feet for the bottom? Just purchased one from Amazon and it didnt come with rubber feet. It had some large splotches of glue residue on the bottom instead. 
I'm looking to connect a Modi 1 to a Valhalla 2.   Will the 6" PYST red RCA cables from Schiit be long enough to connect them side by side?   Otherwise, can anyone recommend the cheapest, high-quality RCA cables that would be long enough to connect a Valhalla 2 to a Modi?
How does the Valhalla 1 compare with the Valhalla 2 for this headphone? I can't seem to find any direct comparisons online. 
Did some more testing and turns out the crackles were coming from my laptop's Wifi and my phone.  The phone is of course easy to move away, but I can't move my laptop more than 12 inches away due to space limitations. I thought this would be far away enough to not cause interference, but I guess that's not the case.   So I just save my Spotify playlists offline and listen while with the wifi turned off. Thanks for the help guys!
Thanks guys, I'll do some more testing. So to be sure, it is NOT safe to poke around the amp while it is turned on? I got that idea from reading some suggestions on the BH forums where someone recommended doing some poking with a chopstick to see if the crackle can be emulated to help isolate the possible weak solder joint. 
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