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I'm listen to FLACs on my laptop through an HD 650 powered by a Magni/Modi stack. If I swap the Magni for the new Vali, will I noticed an improvement?   I enjoy vocals, will the Vali help bring out the vocals?
I'm currently listening to FLACs on my computer with the HD 650s through a Magni/Modi stack. Everything is great, except I would have preferred a little better treble clarity.    I'm thinking of upgrading the stock cables to a silver cable. I heard this improves the treble a bit.   Any recommendations? So far, the Toxic Silver Poison 6 ft one looks pretty attractive. I heard this has a very long wait time? I'm based in the US. Are there any other cables that wil give...
But generally speaking, most people regard the HD 650 as a good headphone if one enjoys vocals?
Generally speaking, are vocals in the midrange or treble? I know people sometimes have negative sentiments regarding the treble of the 650's, but does this mean that they think the vocals are bad? 
What songs/recordings do you guys use to judge the vocals of your headphones? So far, I found Adele's 19 album to be pretty good, but the noise floor is a bit high. 
 I had the the same problem with my M&M stack. It resolved itself when i tried a different USB plug; almost definately a power problem. You can try buying an AC-powered USB hub.
How does the PS1's DAC compare to modern DACs such as the Schiit Modi?   In other words, how would PlayStation One > Magni > HD 650 compare with Laptop Flacs > Modi > Magni > HD 650?
 So the reason people pay thousands of dollars for a high-end CD player is partially for the integrated DAC inside? Would you say that nowadays, most high-end audiophiles have switched over to listening to FLACs via a laptop instead of CD players?
Which one would give better sound quality: Flacs on a laptop to USB out, Flacs on laptop to line-out, or a high-end CD player?
 So  Magni + Bifrost would be better than a Asgard 2 (or Valhalla) + Modi?
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