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This is what I have and it pumps out tons of sound while not distorting.   Denon AVR-1312   Polk Monitor 30's   Velodyne VX-11   All this cost me a little over $500.   You can hook up your sound card to the receiver via the S/PDIF jack and the receiver will act as your DAC and AMP. This is what I do except that instead of S/PDIF, I use HDMI.
  Receivers are mostly used for home theater setups when you have a surround sound speaker setup and when multiple video components are being used. The receiver allows you to power the speakers and switch between video components easily and allows you to tweak the sound pretty precisely. That being said...   They 're great for powering a 2.0/2.1 setup because they have power, multiple and varied inputs, and tons of setting that allow you to tweak the sound the way you...
Give Denon a call. I would imagine that you could buy a new headband from them.
^ Agreed, and holy smokes MalveauX! Two PSW505's!?
  That's up to you   Why back out of the speaker idea though? Even if you bought the Kilpsch Speakers and a Denon 1312, you would only go a little over $500. Probably not over $550. That's not bad considering you said you could get your budget to $1000 if the sound quality was there.
  What do you mean? Speaker amps have a left and right channel for two speakers. You can't power these speakers with your O2 if that's what you're asking.   I power mine with a Denon AVR-1312 and it's more than sufficient to drive them. Their are tons of other options out there though and some you can probably find below $100. I like the receiver option though b/c of the remote and since I have a sub, I can adjust the crossover their and overall, just have more control.
I own the Polk Monitor 30's and I love them! Very clear and for the price, hard to beat.   I've also heard very good things about the Klipsch RB-51's but they are considerably more expensive. Maybe read up on some reviews.
I don't believe that the cable will change the sound in any way but if the design is cool and doesn't cost much, I'd get a new cable for my cans. I would also recable for the purpose of changing the length.
It might be that the algorithms have changed or it could also be the physical disk drive that was used to rip the CD. Not all drives are made equally and some are more accurate and are of better quality than others so maybe that has a part to play.   Also keep in mind that depending on the song, you might not tell a lot of differences between formats. With a techno song that is mostly synthesized, you may not hear a difference because the techno song doesn't have the...
You are "re-ripping" these tracks into your library via CD or some other source right? Not up-converting AAC to ALAC?   "Converting" a low bitrate track into a high bitrate track doesn't do anything for the sound quality. What ever the song was originally encoded at, is what it will stay at.   You mention converting and not re-ripping or re-encoding which is why I ask.
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