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Haha +1
Agreed, but I will say that I love my Velodyne VX-11 and for the price, a very great sub!
Well you're gonna have to live with the looks so what ever looks best to you   Personally I think the colors in the pictures above go together well. My speakers are all black but have a gray/silver driver and edging and I think it looks pretty sweet.
This seems to fit what you're describing.
true in my case!
Get the Dock for the E7. Much better quality b/c it will be line out.  
 How is that nano a 32Gb? I thought they only came in 8Gb and 16 Gb.
I don't see the need to spend $800 on speakers. It just won't be worth it in my eyes. What ever you decide to do with the money you've saved is up to you.   The sound quality is just fine using the HDMI out on my laptop. The receiver is the DAC when you do this, so no need to buy a separate DAC if you hook up via HDMI. Make sure though that your laptop outputs audio through the HDMI port and not just video.
This is what I have and it pumps out tons of sound while not distorting.   Denon AVR-1312   Polk Monitor 30's   Velodyne VX-11   All this cost me a little over $500.   You can hook up your sound card to the receiver via the S/PDIF jack and the receiver will act as your DAC and AMP. This is what I do except that instead of S/PDIF, I use HDMI.
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