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So you're looking for a headphone recommendation with maybe a new soundcard/AMP/DAC? Try posting in the Headphone section, you'll get a lot more feedback.
My volume knob was a little funny on my T6100's. If it was at a certain position, it would all of a sudden change volume levels and then go back. As long as I left the volume knob alone and changed the volume in windows, I was fine. Does this happen no matter what position the volume knob is at?
Personally, If I'm gonna watch a movie, I'm going to turn on my real 5.1 setup. Not that headphones do a bad job but when possible, I like to feel the bass and have better imagining.   I also use a receiver hooked up to my computer via HDMI and the receiver decodes all the audio info so I don't have to mess around with the windows settings. I usually have it set to virtual for headphone use.   You're getting a 5.1 sound without any virtual setting because the...
Not really. If it isn't broken, don't fix it
The 780's are a very fun can to listen to. Very fast and has a good amount of bass. They don't leak much either. Comfort can be improved by replacing the pleather ear pads and head cushion with some velor ones if you'd like. (About a $30 upgrade for both.)
Well, can't say I notice any sound differences but this new version fixed the WASAPI problem with my HDMI audio hookup so thanks!
It was a little over 2 years ago that I won a $50 bestbuy gift card and I was like, "What am I gonna get? I already have a 8Gb flashdrive."   So I decided to get a nice pair of over ear headphones. I run soundboards for school and church so I knew that Sennheiser makes quality products so I ended up getting a pair of Senn. HD428's. Up until this point I had been using some Koss inears for everything from music to gaming. The biggest thing I noticed was the improved...
Not sure if that specifically makes you an audiophile but I would say that I do not care for mainstream stuff....
Just curious, why? Too much power?
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