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I read that article on Soundonsound. Very interesting! I can see what you mean now. I was just comfused by your first post because from my understanding, sound characteristics are solely dependent upon the way the speaker is built and I can see now that actives are obviously built different than passives. Not sure why that didn't come to me earlier :P BTW, what actives do you use?
I've heard this same problem from quite a few A5 owners. I know there's a thread on there somewhere talking about the problem but I couldn't find it. Maybe someone else can?   As for things you can do, I think you've done just about everything I would have thought to do.   It sounds like there's a bad resistor or capacitor in there somewhere......   EDIT:   I found those threads, they can be found here and here.
Not trying to come across as rude here but, I'm going to have to politely disagree.... What do you mean that actives are better with high volume listening, handle heat better and are more dynamic? All of these qualities are dependent upon the way the speaker is built, whether passive or active. There are countless numbers of different speakers out there and each one of them is designed in a different way than the next. They all have different drivers, different components...
True. I just didn't feel like spending the money on such a sub. I love my Velodyne though and it does very well
I do like studio monitors but for the price and flexibility, I ended up getting a pair of passive speakers powered with a receiver. You are right though, the price to sound ratio is pretty good. I prefer the receiver route with passives as well because I can add a sub while having good crossover settings and not to mention being able to power a 5.1 setup if I choose to.  
Try looking for an adapter or cable extension that has a male end that will fit into the case, then plug in your M50's to that.   Maybe look for a different case?
When you cringe at the new Chrysler commercial advertising beats audio in their sedans.
It's not awful to have power and data cables together but just don't have them all tied up and tangled together. When running long distances, you wouldn't want to run them together in the same conduit but if the cable is just on the floor and a data cable is next to it, I wouldn't worry. It's hard to have problems with short distances.   The magnetic field inside the speaker won't cause any problems with cables or other equipment. Most speakers are magnetically...
Take a look at the Klipsch RB-51's.   Why not consider the Polk's though? My Monitor 30's sound awesome and there are definitely better options offered by Polk. There LSi and RTI series are said to be very impressive.
I have quite a bit of cords as well. Here are a couple of my techniques for cable management.   1. Buy quality cables with shielding. Not expensive cables, quality cables. (MonoPrice, ferrite cores, etc.   2. Keep power cables and data cables separate.   Bottom line is, most cables made today are of pretty decent quality and when you talk of cable interference, most of that interference occurs over long distances (50+ feet). You won't get any interference...
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