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I thought decibels were the measurement of the sound pressure? I can see what you're saying about the HiFiMan's though. I was just wondering because Ultrasone's have that decentralized driver which lowers the sound pressure level by 3-4dB. How can moving a driver position change how sensitive it is?      
I've heard that some Ultrasones have a "Grado" sound to them. I'm not sure about this claim but I would recommend the Ultrasone Pro 900. Minimal leakage while still being comfortable. They also have a larger sound stage than the Grados.
How do you measure sensitivity?
You are correct. I think though that if you have more impedance, you will be more likely to use an amp, which means better sound. I doubt headphone companies do that so you'll buy an amp though. I think they make higher impedance headphones so you can run more power from better amps through them--Right?
Maybe here's something. It look sorta bulky and it utilizes RCA. It says each channel can be used as an input or output
Oh ok I see. I misread what you stated. Sorry bout that
no this is the amp   this is the mixer   Read the titles
I've heard the Ultrasone HFi-780s are good for techno but if you don't want too much emphasis on bass, they're probably not for you. The M50s have less bass than the 780s and (since you are new to headphones) (not an insult), the M50s are a great start. They don't need to be amped (better sound quality though if you do), they have great folding capabilities, and relatively cheap. Try to get them for <$130.   PS: Don't think anymore about Beats, unless you're thinking...
If I've learned anything from my experience with headphones, it's to get the ones that fit and sound the best, don't totally base what you get by looks *cough*beats*cough*.   I would would go with the Sennheisers. Not only to they look great, imho, they have the best reputation for great sounding headphones of the ones you listed. They also have some talk through feature that allows you to switch from isolating outside noise or not, this way you can talk to someone...
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