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I knew that rockbox was working on a platform for the Classic but wasn't sure how it was coming along. My 5G Video is rockboxed and works great but how does the software perform on your 6.5G? Any glitches or anything?
They are pretty spectacular! Haven't been able to stop listening.
Thanks!   The kinks don't bother me a whole lot but I do wish the cable was a bitter softer and wouldn't develop the kinks so easily.
I like the embroidery floss! The funny thing is that I just did the same thing yesterday but went a little more crazy on the colors xD  
iTunes supports MP3 and ALAC so you can use your MP3 files but you'll need to find a program and convert FLAC to ALAC. As for iTunes automatically converting files, you can stop this by switching that setting off when you plug in your iPhone. Just go to the sync page and there will be some options at the bottom of the page. Uncheck the box that says "convert higher bitrate files to___"
Consider what mark has said as that might change your mind about things. I own the Polk Monitor 30's powered by a Denon AVR-1312 and I enjoy the setup a lot.   On another note, I own a Velodyne VX-11 and am extremely pleased with it. It is build very well and can extend pretty low with out distorting. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a sub in the less than $200 range.
All youtube audio is in 128kbps ACC. There's no way to get "good" quality no matter what program you use.   BTW, if you're doing this to obtain free music, I will let you know now that doing that is illegal.
  This is one reason I like to use the E7 for portable use.
You would just need an RCA to TRS cord such as this one. One for the left channel, one for the right. The Nuforce Icon has RCA out on the back so you would just link that up to the TRS inputs on the back of either model of the M-Audio speakers.   As far as which one is better, I can't answer that because I haven't listened to them but this is how you'd hook everything all up.   Bi-amping means that there's a separate amp inside the speaker for the tweeter and the...
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