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No need to have to DIY it all the way, just innovate a little bit. I use a nice piece of pottery to hold my headphones. I'm sure if you just look around a bit, you can find a nice low cost solution that you'll like.  
when your parents calculate how much energy your draw in one month because your room is full of amps and computers and other crap
Very Nice! I've always preferred passives over actives and those look very nice. BTW, what chair is that?
Originally yes, but the clamp force was high so I decided to stretch them out a bit. They still clamp just fine with having them stretched out as such. I don't see it as any different than having the headphones on all the time. The Ultrasone bands are also pretty flexible and durable so if I really needed to, I could increase the clamping force if they were to ever get too stretch out
Haha thanks! That thing is from the early 90's I believe. Its been the only mood lighting that I've always kept and haven't even thought of getting rid of.
Here's an update on my setup. Got myself a new desk along with a new monitor and keyboard. I can actually sit up straight at my desk now!       Last one here just shows some of the lighting I have going on. The picture makes it look harsh but it's very soothing in person.
These guys are awesome! I've been listening to them on MOG for the past week or so. All there new stuff is on there as well but it's not compiled into one complete album. For some reason they're all singles. Not sure if that's a sorting problem on MOG's part or something else but either way I get to listen to it all! I might just buy the CD when I get my next paycheck because I'd love to take these guys on the road with me!
New Desk, new keyboard (Logitech K360) , and new monitor (Asus PA238Q)     First one here shows the mood lighting    
Thanks! I wouldn't say that I cut it myself because it was the "pick n pluck" foam so it's mostly pre-cut into 1x1cm chunks.
Ah! How could I have missed this?! That's pretty sweet. Nice to know that it's available.
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