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How do the 780s and Ed.8s compare sound wise? I've heard they're pretty similar despite their price differences.
Not to mention 98% of the population has no device to plug a headphone into that would even deliver that much power.
It simply means that the headphones can receive up to 1000mW of power and the drivers won't blow out or anything.
No problem! Let us know what you end up getting and what you think of it
Considering that then, here's my suggestion from my experience.     I suggest you look into this setup here:   Velodyne VX-11 Sub Polk Monitor 30 Bookshelf speakers Denon AVR-1312 Receiver   This is the setup that I use right now and I greatly enjoy it!   Prices fluxuate on some of these products and some of them you can get used (if you choose to do so).
What kind of budget are you looking at here? I assume you want a 2.1 system (instead of a 5.1) so it won't be as expensive or maybe you just don't have room for the other speakers since you said it's a small room?
Make sure that the extension is a stereo extension and not a mono one. Also make sure that it's plugged in all the way.
You can pay to have the headphones completely recabled if you choose but I suggest going with an extension cable. Consider something like this. There are tons to choose from.
They do but it's less of a stretch than having them on your head The cups are angled a bit too so that makes it look a little weird.
No need to have to DIY it all the way, just innovate a little bit. I use a nice piece of pottery to hold my headphones. I'm sure if you just look around a bit, you can find a nice low cost solution that you'll like.  
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