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For sale is an iPod Video 5G - 30GB. It has been well taken care of and the faceplate has been recently changed. Everything else is original. You'll notice that the back is not shinny. I bought this unit used with a scratch up back. Since there was no making it shinny again, I sanded and smoothed the back to create a fake brushed aluminum look.    It has always been paired with the FiiO E7, so that's included. The E7 works only as an AMP using the Line In. The USB DAC...
I used to have that same ZEN Nano...though I believe mine was 1GB. My fist mp3 player ever
I bought mine brand new from amazon earlier this year when then were for sale
Looking to trade the 215's for HifiMan RE-400. I'm open to other HP trade offers and other various audio related equipment. These come with all original accessories and have about 10 hours on them. Accessories include three sets of silicone and foam tips, carrying case, and earwax removal tool. Looking to trade just to try something new.   TRADED!!
Thanks! I have a much more optimal set up than before xD
      Moved in over a month ago but I finally have a chance to post a pic xD Its all HDMI from the laptop to the receiver which goes to the Polk Monitor 30's and the Velodyne VX-11 :D
I would say the newer ortho drivers or maybe the idea of decentralized drivers. Actually, I'm not sure if decentralized drivers are newer or if they were used a while back too   As for IEM's, balanced armatures are probably the best advancement but again, I'm not sure if they fit within the 10 year time span.
SpongeBob? xD
Both! Wherever you listen to music and wherever you have your setup at :)
  Nice! I own the VX-11, which i don't think they sell anymore, and its great. With owning one of their "budget models" and being so impressed, I would love to hear one of their higher tier ones.
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